How to Build a Pole Shed

Building a pole shed. First we may need to define what a pole barn is. It is basically a barn that is constructed to hold up poles that provides us extra storage space on the property, to really take advantage of the storage space using a teardrop pallet rack is very efficient, but for those who want to keep everything organized. As for the roof itself, you can hire reliable roofing contractors that can do the work with great efficiency, repairing a roof can be easy depending on the job but it would be better to hire residential roofing services for professional assistance if you are planning on doing a metal roofing installation or any type of repairs.

In some case, the beams of wood are the poles, compare to a metal, which is what usually comes to our mind when we say “pole”. To add up to the pole barn, the pole shed is as well ordinary. For the storage sheds, it can be set up both in urban areas and in rural settings. Hence, it is utterly important to utilize factors to consider when replacing your Port Orchard roof

how to build a pole shed How to Build a Pole Shed

It is ordinary to nearly all models are the best features of this pole barn. The first one is; the poles are almost all wood. Secondly, the covering of the barn is typically metal. Collectively the two materials work to create a formation that is appropriate for both farm animals and further storage space.

For a pole barn, there is some case that a solid groundwork can be added to it. Though, there are lots of pole barns that have a plain dirt floor also. The benefit to it is primarily one of cost. But the main inconvenience with this is that it can simply develop into liable to unnecessary insects and animals, but they typically locate their way into barns by means of solid floors.

With the help of family and friends, some people who have a farm, tries to construct a pole barn all by themselves. It may be somewhat an easy duty, particularly compared to other types of structures. But pole barn strategies are readily offered from a quantity of diverse sources, several people even assist the planner by arranging their delivering materials and equipment.

Pole barn has its advantages; it is the ability to build quickly to its own cost. Generally pole barns costs among $5,500 to $13,500 US Dollars, it depends on its measurement of the construction and may have checked first if concrete floor is included. There are cases that it can also be constructed more than a week if others will assist the construction.

To add, there are also some disadvantages of constructing a pole barn. First is, they’re likely be prone to a heavy breeze compare to other types of barns. With a powerful tornado, a barn may hold well against it, even the heavy straight-line winds will cause a fair amount of damage. You may consider those locations that are very windy.

Its structures are suited to some various ideas. The pole barn can also be used for the storage of feeds and of hays; it can also be used as shelters for domestic animals like chickens, some people like to divide them into sections an add automatic chicken coop doors.

In some case, pole barns can also be used for airplane hangars, garage and also machine shed. For easy access, some pole barns can have its sliding doors so that it can move the equipments in and out for human access use or to be able to move larger animals as well.

The sheds and barns of a pole are just some simple ideas made for agricultural reason. All you need is a good metal buildings contractor to take on your project. It can be any size if you needed it; anyway materials are economical.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Hammer Saw
  • Nails (straight and for roofing nails)
  • Lumber
  • Equipments for digging
  • Gravel
  • Concrete Poles
  • Roof trusses
  • Tin roofing


  1. Choose which location for construction – make sure that it is levelled and not accessible for flooding. It is also best to select a location that is flat so it wouldn’t be a big problem when it rains.
  2. Make a detailed draft for the building. It will help you picture out the construction of the building. See if there are some changes needed to do before you proceed.
  3. You may need a building permit first before you start the plan. So better check the codes for local building.

How to Build a Pole Shed

  1. You may need to dig a hole first for your posts. Use an auger or a handheld post hole digger. Check if the hole you dig is larger than the post.
  2. The next step will help with the drainage. So place a 2 inch gravel base underneath the hole then set the post.
  3. To strengthen the pole, fill the hole with concrete and slab bolster. It will help the post from being exposed to wetness of the ground and from coldness during winter season.
  4. Support the poles up straight until solid sets. Use a 2 x 4 lumber to form the braces. Simply nail one end to its post forming an angle, then the other end against the ground.
  5. Then install the roof trusses. Whatever the size of your shed is, are depending on the rise and size of your trusses.
  6. Using the screw-in roofing, attach the tin to the roof. It needs to overlap the section; you may use the ridge cap unto the peak of your roof.
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