How to Build a Pergola

A pergola is a structure designed for climbing plants to give them support. They are used sometimes over porches and patios during warm climates. They also appear as a garden’s standalone structure and along walkways. The support columns running along either side is a pergola’s defining feature. It is typically connected with a framework latticed above. For an unfettered view effect, a pergola’s sides are left open.

how to build a pergola How to Build a Pergola

Since Ancient Egyptian time, pergolas have already been used in various architecture. The structure give a shady area with a lot of breeze for relaxation outdoor. This can be very enjoyable in areas with very hot weather. A teak pergola can be used in defining space outdoors or create a shift between the garden and the house’s interior.

Climbing plants like roses, grapes, wisteria and jasmine could be developed to grow on pergolas, with a lot of gardeners favoring scented flowers. To keep any damage on plants it’s required to do structural repairs, some like to make trellises which are supportive next to each columns, thus making it easier to replace them when they rot with time or get damaged. It is advisable to clear dead materials as soon as possible to ensure that a lot of air and light circulates, keeping rot which can damage the plants or the pergola.

According to building contractors Dublin, a home’s sale value usually increases if the house has a pergola, most especially if it is in great condition. While the value of resale isn’t really main concern of many gardeners, there are times when it can be applied as a convincing argument in order to attract other household members enthusiastic regarding a project construction. Also have a look at this top-quality joist tape that you can get online as that makes laying decking much better.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • 3” screw
  • Stain designed for outdoors
  • Square
  • Cement
  • Nail gun
  • Lumber

Before You Begin

  1. Locate a spot you want for the pergola. Create a design.
  2. Decide the materials you intend to use to build the pergola
  3. Buy the material for the project.

How to Build a Pergola

  1. Start digging 8-inch post holes beneath post grade.
  2. The post should be set in concrete. Let it set for a 24-hour period. Determine the frost line level. To keep any kind of movement of the post, make sure that cement stays under frost line.
  3. Build support framing of ceiling and edge band.
  4. Before you install the ceiling’s joist, rafters and beams, clean all the framing first.
  5. Install ceiling’s joist, rafters and beams.
  6. Return and make sure that all boards are screwed.
  7. Bolt ceiling’s support must be lagged to posts.
  8. Seal and stain your newly created pergola.
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