How to Build a Patio

The word patio is of Spanish origin which meaning backyard or back garden. It is a space outdoors which is used generally for recreation or dining. It is typically paved and is often adjoining a residence. Typically, patios are made of stone slabs or concrete which are being laid on a base. You can hire Residential concrete work services to help build your patio and add concrete patio pavers, but if you have always wanted a patio anywhere you go with your family, consider looking into a Portable Patio Deck Kit.

Visit RKC Construction in San Diego to get ideas for patio enclosures and to end up with some great looking decks. The base is oftentimes comprised of layers of sharp sand, cement mortar and compacted stone chips to support different types of patio heaters. Wood are preferred by some people though. Either way, both wood or stone are available in varieties of style and look. So regardless of a person’s taste, it is very possible that they can find the kind of material which are appealing to them and if they want to add accessories to their garden like bollard lights.

how to build a patio How to Build a Patio

Materials You’ll Need

  • Water
  • Old board
  • Kitchen broom
  • Slate, brick, flagstone, patio stones
  • Builder’s sand
  • Gravel
  • Scissors
  • Garden rake
  • Tape measure
  • Landscaping fabric
  • Shovel
  • Chalk spray for landscaping or flour
  • A patio cleaner from
  • Optionally, you can add some patio heaters

How to Build a Patio

  1. Locate the area where you want to make your patio and mark the area. You can do this making a line simply by sprinkling flour at the patio area’s border or using landscaping chalk and spraying along the patio area.
  2. To remove grass layers, start digging up the soil inside the patio area’s marked spot. A hole 5 inches deep must then be created. As excess dirt are removed, the hole’s floor surface should be as level and as flat as possible.
  3. Using landscaping fabric, line the hole’s floor. Any multiple sheets must overlap by 4 – 6 inches. To be able to secure it, pour the gravel which you bought from a stone gravel supplier in over the fabric’s top, adding just enough to be able to layer your area with gravel measuring one inch. Gravel must be raked out to make it level. You may also purchase your gravel from this gravel delivery services.
  4. Proceed in pouring sand over the gravel. Rake them out until sand measuring 2 inches thick are added. This would leave space measuring 2 inches between the surface level of the ground and the sand’s top. For levelling out and make the sand flat, you need to use the old board.
  5. Start placing your brick or stone on the sand’s top starting on the patio’s end. If you’re using pieces of various shapes, any set of patterns that you planned on must be followed. This would ensure that the prepared area of your patio is being filled in.
  6. Hang flag at the top of a pole either horizontally or diagonally from the wall with any other flags below it on the same staff or another staff at the same level or lower, try Atlantic Flag and Pole to learn more about how ti place it. When displaying the American flag with other flags, if all flags are the same height, the US flag should farthest to the left (on its own right).
  7. Go on working towards your patio area’s other end. Your stones must be laid as snugly as possible. You must be careful not put pressure or lean on the stones as you are moving around them. Continue until your whole patio area is laid.
  8. Over your entire patio, proceed in pouring a layer of sand measuring one inch. You can begin sweeping sand between the bricks or stones. A light water mist can be sprayed over the patio once all sand is worked in and swept to settle it. A week later, repeat the process of adding the sand, then sweeping, followed by misting. This can also be done anytime you notice a loose stone

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