How to Build a Log Cabin

A log cabin is a house built out of logs. Generally, it is built in various areas where trees are abundant. It relatively represents an efficient timber use which allows people to cut trees to create a clearing for their home and at the same time, make use of the trees to build their house. By making use of whole logs, walls which are thick and well insulated are created thus making the house livable as soon as it’s constructed. To block up any crack in between logs and to make it lighter inside, a lot of culture use plaster on the inside of log cabins.

how to build a log cabin How to Build a Log Cabin

In building log cabins, notches are cut into logs allowing them to be piled on one another. The construction of the cabin doesn’t require pegs, nails or any other hardware, only an axe to be used in cutting notches and the logs, also with the method to move the logs. You’ll know when the logs are well selected and the notches well cut when the space between logs are very small and snug joins in each wall’s corners. So make sure that you carefully selected the logs and have the notch cut well to ensure this.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Tin roofing sections
  • Plywood and lumber
  • Hardware like screws and nails
  • String
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Axe
  • Saw
  • Posthole digger
  • Drawknife
  • Logs

How to Build a Log Cabin

  1. Create your log cabin design. For you cabin plan drawing, outer dimensions must be determined first. Walls must not be longer than the logs available. Utilize the plans that come along with your cabin kit if you decide to use one.
  2. Determine the site for the cabin and then go ahead with ground preparation. Ideally, land which drains well and is level must be chosen. Remove underbrush, rocks and trees. Save the trees which are suitable for the construction of the cabin.
  3. Prepare the logs by taking away the knots, branches and bark. The logs’ ends must also be shaped and cut. The plans you have should accurately tell the quantity of logs you will be needing.
  4. Proceed in digging the post holes. These must be reasonably deep. You should be careful of frost lines though.
    Install log posts in the holes. Set the posts in place using reinforced concrete.
  5. The main joists and floor beans can now be set up. For the floor, use good wooden panels or plywood.
  6. Final preparation should be done on the logs as they are stacked to make the walls. Notches should be cut which will hold these logs together. The sides of the logs should be shaped in a way that they will fit as tightly as possible up against each other. Spaces should be allowed in the cabin for the windows and doors.
  7. Set the supports of the loft by running the logs to additional holes which are cut within the wall logs or by trying to fit them to the walls. At ceiling height, the logs span the interior and could support a 2nd story.
  8. Proceed with building up gables. This should be done one side at a time until purlin height is reached. Gables are wall extensions which are the roof’s vertical portions. Purlins refer to the structural support which cross the space of the loft.
  9. Building up the gables should be continued until the height of the ridge pole is reached which is the roof’s main center support. This must be the highest part of your cabin. The ridge pole can now set be on the gables. Make sure that ropes, poles and shims are supporting this log while you are securing it.
  10. Use prepared lumber for the framing out of the roof. Make sure that everything fits well and level.
    For the roof’s underside, use plywood. Tin sheeting should be installed over it. Lumber yards and suppliers of military surplus offer discounted purchases on tin sheeting.
  11. Other components can be installed depending on cabin plans. Other sections like chimney, windows stairs and other log cabin components are included in log cabin kits.
  12. Personal touches like wall carpets, wood burning stove and hunting trophies can be added to your cabin for effect. There’s no limit in your choice of decorations since you’re making your very own log cabin!
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