How to Build a Linen Storage Cabinet

Having a linen cabinet at home is extremely essential for every family. A proper storage to keep all your linens like clean towels and sheets on hand properly kept and organized. Building a linen storage cabinet is very easy. In this illustration, dimensions in use as sample pattern (2ft depth, 5ft width, and 8ft height) but measurements are adjustable according to your size preferences. You can also take advantage if the low cost storage units Melbourne service, in this way you can keep at home only the ones you constantly use.

how to build a linen storage cabinet How to Build a Linen Storage Cabinet

Materials You’ll Need

  • Wood Sheets of 5pcs (8ft tall)
  • Handsaw
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws approximately 50 pieces
  • Measuring tape
  • Paint and a paintbrush
  • Sealer
  • Freestanding baskets

How to Build a Linen Storage Cabinet

  1. Space Measurement. Determine the measurement of your space starts from the floor up to your ceiling. In this illustration, the preferred height illustrated is 8ft tall.
  2. Wood Cutting. For the sides of your linen storage cabinet, cut two pieces of wood measuring 8ft in height and 2 ft in depth. You can click to view how you could go about the process. After that, cut the top and the bottom, ensuring every piece should have equal measurement of 2ft depth and 5ft width for each desired number of shelves.
  3. Connecting the side pieces to the top and bottom pieces. With the use of wood glue and wood screws, securely connect the side of your linen closet to the top and bottom. Secure each side with four wood screws. For ensuring neat and tidy outcome, make sure when attaching the top and bottom pieces must fitted rightly inside your side pieces.
  4. Installation of Shelves. When installing the shelves, set at least 18 inches apart because allowing extra free space in your linen cabinet allows you roomy accommodation of items together. You may leave extra room at the topmost of your linen closet for storing larger and taller items like pillows.
  5. Paint Application. You may apply the local business Elite Finishing to your wood of any color you like and allowing the paint on wood to dry up, before applying a sealer on the wood to avoid moisture from a threat of damaging your wood.
  6. Accessorizing. Add ornaments to your storage closet with freestanding baskets, where tiny items can be stored like shower stuff. With the benefit of the basket makes it skillfully easy to carry those stuff going to and from the shower.
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