How to Build a Hot Tub

Hot tubs can come in handy for days when you get back home with aching muscles and a sore back. Buying a hot tub can be very expensive, but if you still want to enjoy the luxury it offers at a cheaper price, you can build your own hot tub. If you want to use the hot tub in all seasons, you can also include an enclosure. The best selling hot tubs in the UK tend to be 2m x 2m models as new build houses have much smaller gardens. Here are steps you can follow when building the bathtub.


What you will need

  • Concrete.
  • Chemically treated lumber.
  • Screws and nails with rust proof.
  • Chop saw.
  • Solid wooden panels.
  • Hand tools.
  • A water heater.
  • Pipes.
  • Jets.
  • Skimmer.
  • Lights.
  • Tiles.

Hot Tub How to Build a Hot Tub


  1. Choose a site that has a good view like the whole garden and far away from your neighbors for privacy.
  2. Dig a hole that measures 500mm in depth, 2200 in length and 1700mm in width.
  3. Lay a plastic membrane in the hole and fill it up with concrete. 150mm is adequate. Leave the concrete to set for about a day before you start making the outer wall.
  4. Use four courses of blocks for the main outer walls and 2 blocks for the inner walls.  The inner walls will form the base for the seat on the hot tub.
  5. Use about 150mm of concrete around the outside area of the hot tub to make a floor juts like those you see at swim spas scotland. This will provide a ring to offset water pressure in the hot tub.
  6. Lay a course of bricks to act as a support for the timber enclosure that you are going to build. The bricks will stop water from penetrating to the base of the timber and ensure that any water that spills from the hot tub remains inside that area. Put a damp proof course on the bricks and erect a timber frame for the roof and walls. Clad both sides of the wall with groove pine and tongue.
  7. Determine the height you want to have the jets before you bore any holes on the walls. Make sure the holes match the size of the pipes you get so that they can go through the walls and connect to the jets. When the holes are cut, insert the pipes and make sure they are in position. The pipes have to be long enough to allow the body and jet head to be added at the ends.
  8. Add the skimmer to your outer wall and grout it in. The height of your skimmer will determine the level of the water in the hot tub.
  9. Add a low voltage light to use for the nights.

10.  Once the grout has set, you can begin working on the plumbing.  There is a pipe for water and another one for air and they come in different sizes. If the pipes are not flexible at the joints you may have to weld them together before grouting them.  Regularly hire grout cleaning services to keep it clean.

11.  Plumb the heater and do all the electric wiring. 

12.  You can now add the tiles

Some Tips

If you have children, you can add some steps to make it easy for them to get into the hot tub.

By following these steps provided here, you will find making the hot tub very easy.

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