How to Build a Fiberglass Box

Fiberglass is one of the best materials that can be used on the exteriors because of its sturdiness and ability to withstand considerable wear. It also makes it through bad weathers. The many artistic versions are available to add aesthetics to the material. This article will give you insights on how to build a fiberglass box.

You will need some materials before you make your box. The two main materials needed are fiberglass resin and mats. You will also require a ‘chop mat’. Heavy mats are sturdier, lighter ones are easier to manipulate. You will also need a base primer that can be sprayed with a gun or painted with a brush. Sandpapers will also be useful. Consider preparing wood saws, an angle grinder, and some fleece. You will need a body filler to hide any errors or defects in the material.

Fiberglass Box 12 How to Build a Fiberglass Box

In building the frame, you will need to start by making an MDF frame. The shape of the frame must be a perfect square or else you might end up with a box that does not look boxed. Placeholders for amplifiers, LCD screens, ports, and so on must be identified so you won’t have to decide on their locations later on. Also think of where the wires can go through. When the frame is finished you can proceed to the next stage which is stretching the fleece over it.

When you stretch the fleece, you need sufficient fleece to drape over all the sides of the frame as well as to hang out over the sides. Begin from the middle and go outwards until all sites are perfectly covered with fleece. Place it on a drop cloth, put on latex gloves, and start mixing the resin. A Tupperware bowl is the best mixing bowl used to mix in the resin. When the resin hardens you can flex the bowl and remove it to avoid wastage. When the resin is mixed, properly paint it onto the fleece. Apply generous amounts of the resin because being frugal with the amounts can be a drawback.

Placing the mat will complete the process. You need to place it over the fleece and paint the surface with resin. Finish the surface with adequate coats of the body filler. Body fillers hide surface imperfections and add strength and thickness to your box. Finally, you can wrap the entire piece with vinyl or some fabric and leave the masterpiece to dry.

You now have your fiberglass box.

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