How to Build a Deck Bench

Sitting at the deck is one of the simplest pleasures you can find. You can buy hdpe furniture sets which are great for outdoor use. However, if you can build a pool deck bench for yourself, you don’t only save up money; you also add a piece of something to your favorite place. Deck benches add functionality to your backyard too when they are moveable. Building a deck bench should be based on the views that can be seen from it. Positioning must be well thought. Other considerations would be other uses for the bench like dining, entertaining, and storing. Below is a quick guide on how to build a deck bench:

You will need:

  • Space measurements or at least an estimate of the area where the bench will be positioned
  • bolts
  • nails
  • saw
  • wood

Deck Bench How to Build a Deck Bench

Step 1: Spacing. You need a decent idea on how much space you are working specially if you want to add a pool, as Solid Structures suggests. You also need to determine the spacing from one person to another to find out how many people can sit on your bench. The general seating space is 30 inches per person. For a perfect view, the back of the bench must be low. But if privacy is the concern, then you can make it higher.

Step 2: Slats. Slatted seats allow better air circulation making it more comfortable during the hot summer days. The gaps help water from pooling in puddles on the chair making them more useful even on rainy days.

Step 3: Moveable or attached. Make sure you use bolts and not nails in securing joints at structural level. You can make a freestanding bench that can be moved to another area or one that is fixed to the ground. There are certain cases, like for a beach deck for example, when the benches have to be attached to firm railings which are attacked to the deck.

Step 4: Railings. Railings give security to the bench. They fasten the uprights to the joists and support the deck. Benches can be attached to the decking which is different to that of rails. A professional carpenter can help you with the work. But one that has skills with the nails and saw can build one by himself.

Step 5: Legs. You can taper 1x12s and attach them at both posts with 2×4 nailed in between to support the leg assemblies. Hot dipped, galvanized nuts and bolts are used for outdoor projects to prevent rusting. Three side 3×4 boxes can be built for the legs.

Step 6: Nailing, braces, and backrest. Nail the deck and cross braces through while slipping the backrest. 1x12s can be nailed through the 2×4 boxes. Everything must be checked for proper leveling. Check the edges of the back slats, the 2×3 seats. Round off edges with a router or planer to make sitting more comfortable. Good quality lumber must be used for the seating part.

Step 7: Attach slats. Nail the 1×12 slats in place. Nail up the 2×4 leg slats. You can prevent moisture by capping the cut ends with 1×6 or 2×6 in the back slat.


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