How to Build a Computer

Building a computer these days is a common phenomenon. People have resorted to making their own computers due to the afford-ability that comes with the process. Building your computer from scratch is easy, all you need is the right guide with information on how to do it by your self.

If you look at your old computer today you will find very less to be desired, how about finding out how to build a computer and turn it into that new functional computer. To execute the whole process, you will be required to rip apart the old one find new replacements that are affordable in several outlets. With the advancements in technology today, you do not want to be the only one who owns a less functional and outdated computer. As you look forward to building a computer, you need to ensure practicality, here is what you need to know.

Computer How to Build a Computer

What your computer is for

Before building a computer you need to understand why you really need it. You need to keep in mind the functionality to expect from the computer. Understanding what computers can and cannot do is very vital if you want to build a computer successfully.

The materials and where to buy them

After deciding on how you want your computer to function, then it is now time to get busy. The next thing you need to be doing is to find out the prices of the new components you need for your new computer. Some of the things you may require can be gotten from computer shops, websites that offer a range of computer products and chain stores. As you purchase them, look out for the features and ensure that the parts re functional and intact as you buy them.

Which computers can you build?

There are different kinds of computers that you can build. The different kind of computers require different cases and components: here is a list of the types of computers you can build.

Portable computers

The portable computers are the smallest kind of built computers. The reason why people find them complex is that they are difficult to construct and very challenging.

Home office computers

This kind of computer is easy to build as it is basically used for surfing, sending mail, and doing some office work at home, so it does not have many complexities.

Network servers

For those wishing to blog and web host they can build a network server. This kind of computer is a bit technical but putting the components together is easy.

Selecting the components

  • CPU

There are many types of CPU’s and finding one at an affordable price is very easy. Depending on your budget, you can settle for the least expensive or most expensive. Whatever you do get, high quality CPU’s or the highest performing ones to get the best.

  • Motherboards

This is one of the most vital components in a computer, and that is why you need the best when building your component.

  • Video card

For a gaming computer, a video card is the most important element of the computer. The high tech video cards can be quite pricey but their functionality is simply the best.

  • Operating system.
  • Monitor.
  • Keyboard..
  • Mouse.
  • Optical drive.
  • Hard drive.
  • Audio card.

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