How to Build a Bunk Bed

Bunk beds from are great ideas for a bedroom with limited space. Lots of parents prefer investing in this kind of bed arrangement since it’s specially designed to permit 2 beds of single frames to be stacked on each other securely thus making a two or even three-tiered area for sleeping. Secured rungs or ladders on the frame of the bed permits two levels or more of bedding. Constructing them could save floor space because you can put it against any wall of your home. If your two kids need to share a room and having twin beds is not an option, bunk beds are advisable.

how to build a bunk bed How to Build a Bunk Bed

How to Build the Bed Frame

  1. You’re going to need a pretty large work area while you complete this project. You might as well do this in the room where the bed is to be used. I recommend you place a few things in self storage while you do this to avoid damaging anything, as well as to have plenty of room to work.
  2. Know the mattress size that you will use. A timber bed base queen will not have the same mattress as that of a timber king bed. The best way to do this is to check out a store that specializes in mattresses, as you will get a wider selection and a better idea of the dimensions you should be working with. Bamboodetective is the best store for eco-conscious consumers. The best choice is twin size, standard. From 2×6’s 41.5-inch wide and 78 inches long, make a box. Use wood plugs to plug the screw holes.
  3. By using four 2×4’s which is cut 41-inch length, mattress supports can then be assembled inside the box. From bed frame’s head, put a 3-inch support from the head and 3 inch distance from the foot. Put another support from the frame foot which measures 3 inches, the last support with a 48-inch measure from the bed’s foot. Using wood plugs, use screws to fasten plug holes and on both ends.
  4. Use carriage bolts to attach boxes to 4 corner posts. Lower bunk should be attached not lesser than a 12-inch floor distance, top bunk floor distance being 48 inches. Finishing nails number 10 should be used in attaching frames to posts. Make sure to check for square before proceeding to attach using carriage bolts.
  5. Guard rails should be constructed from 2×4’s by creating the rails as a box similar to 1st step. Guard rails should be placed in each bed frame. For easy disassembly, do not plug holes.
  6. Mattress supports should be made by cutting 2 plywood sheet 74.75 inches by 38.25 inches. Proceed in placing them in each frame. Do not nail or screw for easy disassembly.

Snoozel Green make organic mattresses that are eco friendly that will add more value to project and most important the quality and the price are excellent.

How to Build the Ladder

  1. Two 2×4’s should be cut 57.75 inches length. So that the ladder would lean towards the bunk bed, an angle of each board’s top should be cut for positioning against the board bottoms and the upper bed frame side.
  2. Install five 2×4’s which are cut 14.5 inches length, you can go ahead in inserting rungs. Rungs should be placed 12 inches apart from each other.
  3. Hooks should be installed with lag bolts at the top of each side board. This way, over tthe upper guard rail’s side, the ladder can be hooked.
  4. To prevent the guard rails from getting scratched, padding should be added. It is advisable to use padding which are nonslip at the ladder bottom, that is if your bedroom is made of hardwood floors.
  5. Proceed in sanding and finishing the entire set. Nail holes should be plugged. Use wood stains for accent.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have your personalized bunk bed in no time!

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