How to Build a Bonfire

Bonfire-building is a staple in camping trips and scouting activities. Here are more terrific camping hacks to make your next family camping trip more enjoyable. People enjoy the warmth provided by the bonfire and share unforgettable moments around it. The size of your campfire and duration of your trip will determine how much camping firewood you need. Visit to know how much firewood you need per night. If you are having trouble building a bonfire, you may want to refresh your memory of scouting or camping days when you would be all excited on putting the flame on. Here are a few simple steps on building a bonfire.

You will need:

  • Dry twigs, pine cones, newspaper or dry leaves
  • Large rocks
  • Logs
  • Long, dry branches
  • Matches
  • Newspaper wick
  • Shovel

Bonfire How to Build a Bonfire

Step 1: Find the perfect spot to where you want to build your bonfire. Make sure that the vicinity for camping allows you to build them to make sure you are not violating any rules and regulations. Start a bonfire in an open area away from trees or anything that can catch flames and cause major fires.

Step 2: With the use of a shovel, dig a circular area around 12 inches deep to help the fire become more limited to that area and controlled. You can keep with the bonfire fun without worrying of damages.

Step 3: With the use of rocks, make a circle around the hole.

Step 4: place two logs in the middle of the hole. Keep a distance of 2 feet.

Step 5: Fill the space in between the logs with kindling materials. These materials include dry twigs, pine cones, newspapers, or dry leaves.

Step 6: Stack 2 more logs facing the opposite direction of the first 2 logs like you did in step 4.

Step 7: Again, fill the space in between the logs with long tree branches and cover it with more kindling materials.

Step 8: Continue steps 6 and 7 until you have made 4 layers of logs on top of each other. After doing this put a last single log in the center.

Step 9: Create a tent-resembling shape around your log stack with long branches and extra logs. Keep a small opening on one side so you can stack in the newspaper wick.

Step 10: take the newspaper section and twist it into a wick-like thread. Put it in a long tube and use the matches to light the end of the wick. Stick the lighted end into the stack and cover it with log to prevent the wind from blowing it out. Wait until the inner stack and kindling material catches the flames. When the fire is big enough, you can spread out the stack lightly to make flames go lower and burn more gently enough to keep everyone around warm.


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