How to Build a Birdhouse

Many people like to build birdhouses to attract birds or just for decoration purposes. If you intend to attract birds, you need to design it according to the type of bird you want as different types of birds prefer different houses. You can also build a house that can attract a variety of them and not just one species of birds. Building a birdhouse is not a difficult activity and you just have to ensure that your birds will be comfortable staying there. The following are some suggestions on how to go about it.

Building materials and tools

You will need to decide on the materials and tools to use and have them ready. Tools can be hand tools or power tools depending on which ones you have or can easily get. Some of the tools you will need include are; a hand saw, hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, paintbrush, dust mask and goggles. Wood or metal can be used to build a birdhouse but wood is more preferred. Other materials you need to get are dowels, wood glue, sand paper and exterior paint.

Birdhouse How to Build a Birdhouse

Birdhouse size

The size of the birdhouse may be determined by the type of bird you want to attract. The right birdhouse size will ensure there is room for the young birds to grow as well as the nesting birds to be comfortable. The size of the entrance should also be enough for the size of bird that will be using the house. What is important is that the size of the house provides maximum comfort to the birds.

Protection for the birds

The birds will need to be protected from predators such as cats and squirrels, hence ensure the design does not make it possible for predators to get in. You can do this by placing the birdhouse in a place where predators cannot reach. They should also be protected from things such as rain, you can do this by constructing the roof in such a way that it does not retain water or allow water to get in through the entrance. You could also provide some drainage just in case water seeps in.

Painting your birdhouse

The color you use for painting the birdhouse will also depend on the targeted birds, but remember to use oil paints for the safety of the birds. Painting should only be done on the exterior of the birdhouse and should not be one to draw a lot of unnecessary attention to the birdhouse.

Providing Ventilation

Think of the way you are going to provide ventilation for the birds and you can do this by leaving several holes where fresh air can get in. During the hot seasons, the birds will need a cool house and the holes will help to cool it.

Safety of the birds

Some of the ways to ensure the birdhouse is safe for them is size of the house, paints and the regular cleaning. The birdhouse will need some regular cleaning, so make something that will not give you trouble cleaning. You can make it in such a way that it can be disassembled for faster cleaning. The way you place the opening will also determine how fast you access the inside for cleaning. The birdhouse should not be painted on the inside.

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