How to Build a Bench

Before you start building a bench, it’s very important to make sure you have all the necessary materials and equipment to be used.

You should also consider your working place to be spacious and well illuminated to minimize lose of tiny objects such as nails and screws.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Materials and Equipments

  1. A wooden planks (should be of different sizes).
  2. A drill with bits.
  3. A Jigsaw.
  4. A regular hammer.
  5. A router.
  6. A tape measure.
  7. Glue. (you can find some at Glue Guns Direct)
  8. Nails (including the finish types).
  9. Sandpaper and sand.

Bench How to Build a Bench

10.  Screws (of different sizes and galvanized).

11.  Several clamps.

12.  Several sheets of paper.

13.  Some pencils.

Step 1: designing and drawing

Design the type of a bench you want to build by drawing sketches; you can start by sketching the shape you have seen in magazines or once sat on it, either in public places or in someone backyard. Draw the bench with precise measurement and angles. This will help you to budget for the materials and avoid wastages.

Step 2: Cutting the pieces

Measure the wooden planks precisely using tape measure. All the measurements and dimensions should be in accordance with your drawing. Start by cutting the stands, seat frame and resting frame simultaneously using jigsaw. It is important to mark the pieces according to there locations such as top, bottom, right or left so as to avoid confusion while you are assembling.

Step 3: Assembling the parts

Joint parts of the bench one at ago. Start by building the seat frame. Nail the seat frame with the stands, and drill the holes and countersink screw holes from the seat frame to the stands. Join the stands with the seat frame using nails and glue, then screw them tightly before glue dries up. After fixing them, smoothen the surface using sand paper to remove any rough and sharp edges that can hurt.

The next move is to fix the backrest. Make the countersink holes, use the router and slats to assemble the back rest. Make indentations at the top rail which the tendons attaches use the nails and glue to hold the slat in the position before screwing tightly.

The last part to fix is the armrest. Depending with your design, you can attach the armrest to the stands or to the seating frame. Align them precisely to the corner cleats of the front stands then make the groove which will get the support from the back stand. Make the drill and countersink holes over the frontage cleat and through the armrest. Fix them together tight using glue and screws.

Step 4: Sanding and Finishing

After assembling and fixing all the parts together, sand all round the surfaces and edges. This will make your bench smooth and beautiful. Lastly paint or stain with any color of you choose, this will maintain the bench, increase the life span and add elegance. These are the basic procedures of constructing a bench. If you get this understanding, you will be able to modify objects to fit your needs.

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