How to Build a Bat House

One of the fun facts about bats is that they can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes in just one night. Bats have kept their creepy reputation but they can have benefits too. You can think of making them stay instead of wanting them to go away. How to do this? You can learn how to build a bat house. Here’s how:

You will need:

  • Caulking gun and caulk
  • Circular saw
  • Exterior-grade stain
  • Furring strip
  • Measuring tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Several 1/2 inch sheets of plywood
  • 1 1/4-inch exterior grade or deck screw

Bat House1 How to Build a Bat House

Step 1: Secure 3 pieces of ½ inch plywood sheets and saw them into the following measurements: 1 16 ½ “ x24’ for the top piece, 1 26 ½ “x24” for the back piece and 1 24”x5”.

Step 2: With a pencil, make lines that are ½ inch distances along the entire length of the back piece. Cut along the lines with the circular saw to a depth of 1/16 deep minimum. These will be the foothold for the bats.

Step 3: Stain the interior part of the plywood with the use of the exterior grade stain. Never use paint for this.

Step 4: Get the furring strip. With a measuring tape, measure and cut it into 3 until you get one that is 24 inches long. The other two pieces are 20 ½ inches long. Connect the 2 shorter strips to the short side of the back piece. The 24 inch strip should be attached to the long side.

Step 5: attach the 16 1/2″ x 24″ plywood to the furring strips. Leave a half inch gap wide to allow ventilation. Then attach the 24″ x 5″ below the top piece. So you will now have an 11 ½ inch part of the back piece exposed. This will serve as the climbing point where the bats can land and crawl into the chamber.

Step 6: Seal the chambers. Attach a 1”x3” board above to make a roof. Then stain or paint the bat house’s exterior. When dry, you can mount it on the garage or shed.

Bats in the attic must always be professionally removed to avoid further damage and risk of disease from histoplasmosis to rabies. The process for removing bats from an attic is simple yet requires immense skill and experience. Bats are removed with excluders after the home is sealed. These one way doors or valves allow bats to fly out but not reenter.

Tips: For bigger bat colonies, you can make bigger bat houses with the same directions only with bigger pieces of wood. A plastic mesh can also serve as foothold for the bats. The best position for the bat house is the east side of the house. Bats are not creepy pets. They are helpful so make them feel at home and comfortable. Give them a nice house.


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