How to Block Telemarketer Calls

The word telemarketer elicits a negative reaction in most people who get irritated when someone calls them up at home to sell services or products.

Luckily, there are ways that you can block these calls.

Here is a guide on how you will go about blocking the telemarketing calls.

What you will need

Knowledge of the country’s privacy laws.


  • Register for the National Do Not Call List. This list will protect your home and wireless number from receiving any of these calls but it cannot block your business number. You can register through the phone or the internet for free but you have to use the number that you want to block from getting any calls when registering.
  • Get on the State Do-Not-Call list if it is offered in your state. You can contact the consumer protection office to find out if this list is available.

Block Calls How to Block Telemarketer Calls

  • Block specific companies from calling your home by requesting for a Company-Specific Do-Not-Call List. This will block any calls from a company that has been calling you on a regular basis. If the company has any affiliates, their calls will also be blocked by this request. The request is valid for about five years.
  • Contact the phone company and make inquiries about any the upgrades and services that they offer to stop telemarketer calls on your home phone. You can also make a compliant with their customer service representatives so that they can free your phone lines from any telemarketer calls. The service provided by the phone companies is called the “Privacy Manager” and it works by preventing any telemarketing calls and prompts them to hang up.
  • Avoid being rude to telemarketers when they call you. Listen to what they have to say and then hang up when they are done. This will let the telemarketer know that you are not interested in getting these kinds of calls that interrupt you at home. If you are rude to the telemarketers, you may end up getting even more calls from them as some sort of revenge for your reaction.
  • Ask the telemarketers to put you in their do not call list because there are some companies that are not included in the National Do-Not-Call Registry. Remember to do these for all the calls you get from companies after you register to block the calls.
  • Pick up the calls that still come through after you have blocked the companies because they are usually charities, political organizations and surveyors. They usually end up calling over and over until you pick up.
  • Avoid giving your name and number when you get a call from someone you do not know. Such callers usually ask for the number they have called and your name. You can also get an unlisted number if you want to ensure that your privacy is not invaded.

Some tips

Block your phone number when you are returning a call from a number you are not familiar with.

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