How to Block Pop Up Ads

There are three different categories of pop-ups ads namely pop-ups created by spyware and adware, general browser pop-ups and messengers service advertisement. Occasionally pop-ups ads appear on your screen thus interfering with your ability to view the contents displayed. These advertisements can be avoided by installing a pop-up blocker.

Messenger service advertisement

This type of pop-ups is applicable only for windows XP and windows 2000. These normally occur because somebody is accessible to your computer network and is able to transmit this massage to your computer through UDP and TCP ports. The messenger service is responsible for transmitting these messages. These pop-ups can be controlled by hardening your security through installing firewall software such as zone alarm or install windows XP firewall which puts off messenger service by default and activate the windows firewall. The ports that facilitate the transmission of these massages are blocked.

Pop Up Ads How to Block Pop Up Ads

To activate firewall in windows XP, you click on the start icon, run and type the word Firewall.cpl, choose the on button and click ok. It is recommended that you should not connect your system to the internet before activating Firewall because you are risking your computer being infected.

Pop-ups created by spyware and adware

They serve the same function as the general browser but spyware is generally run by the browser assistant object which is the activeX controls that connects to the internet explorer and get in touch with their server without you knowing. This can leak out your confidential information to the spies as well as waste the internet bandwidth. In relation to this, any outgoing connection without your authorization should be taken as threat to your security. To prevent pop-ups generated by spyware and adware   you should install your computer anti-spyware application such as spyware blaster, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search and destroyer just the same as the anti-virus software. These application works by employing the services of the hosts’ folders to prevent unnecessary ads servers and sites which are responsible for conveying these ads, they also amplify browser security settings.

Applications such as Zone Alarm and Sygate will always signals you every time an outgoing traffic is detected. This would enable you to block dialers and Trojans from reaching the internet. It also makes you give the same attentions to the settings of the firewall, assume it as the passage security and operate only with programs that you need to be accessible to the internet. From this point you will be able to investigate the performance of the firewall employing any of the websites. They will carry out thorough check of your system for accessible ports and susceptibilities, hence advising you accordingly.

General Guidelines you should follow

  • You should not connect your system to the internet before activating Anti-virus and firewall
  • Amplify the security configurations in the browser so that you block Activex control from installing automatically.
  • Always update you system by seeking latest information online or by subscribing to Microsoft Security Bulletin so as to be aware of the susceptible threat.
  • Employ the services of the HOSTS folder to prevent unneeded websites.

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