How to Block Explicit Web Content

The evolution of the benefits of the internet has brought about the increase of its downsides. A common internet downside is the appearance of explicit content that can be accessed by children or employees. Making internet surfing a totally safe experience can be frustrating. For the most part, the internet is largely unregulated. It is hard to maintain the loads of information being fed into the large data stations of the web. There are many free and paid products that will help you block explicit web content to a good degree.

There are simple ways to block explicit content with the help of major internet software products like MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and AOL.   These software examples have guides on how explicit materials such as pornographic images, improper language and adult material can be blocked.

 How to Block Explicit Web Content

Users of MS Internet Explorer can use the content advisor tools by going to the ‘tools’ then to ‘options’, and ‘content’. Choosing the option Content advisor will enable a set of preferences that can block content like drug use, violence, sexual image, and other topics you want to be kept away from getting opened.

You can set up a special account for a child in AOL. Children in grade school can use only the safest sites and teenage kids can access a little more than the younger kids.

Firefox offer selections on the tools menu so you can go to the content section and limit the desired sites that you want to be able to access.

Web content filters also help block explicit web content. There are web content filtering software products that offers tools to block specific sites and content that generally are not appropriate, especially for people of younger ages. Also, sexual content is not appropriate even for adults in the workplace and at home where kids can share viewing. Examples of web content filters include Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, Surf Control and WebSense. Verizon’s Internet security suite also has an arm which is the blocking software that limits incoming explicit websites and email.

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There is no exact way to block all explicit web content. However, we can find the browser settings that will help in filtering software that we can access from our computers. The browser settings may not totally eliminate the websites from popping up but at least when we set our preferences in ‘settings’, we can eliminate opening a majority of explicit content. Many sneak through inappropriate content may occur but any way to limit these occurrences is a must.

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