How to Become a Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is one of the most exciting fields to be in, but also very challenging. There are many fashion designers who have made it and you just need to have the confidence that you can make it too. As a fashion designer, you can either work with a fashion house or work independently by starting your own business. The following are some important tips suggested by Andrew Defrancesco  that can help you be just like that top fashion designer you have always admired.

Professional training

To be considered a professional fashion designer, you have to at least have some knowledge on the field. This means having a diploma or degree in fashion designing from a reputable college. You might have gone to college and pursued a different course but suddenly changed your mind and decided to be a fashion designer, hence the need to find a school and get some basic knowledge in fashion designing arises.

Fashion Designer How to Become a Fashion Designer

Be up to date with the trends

You need to be keen to follow up with the trends so you can design clothes that are trendy like these retro t shirts. You should know how fashion changes and be able to predict what kind of designs people might like in the future. Your industry is important to you and you should have enough information about it in terms of the best fashion designers to emulate and fashion houses where you can find jobs.

Develop several skills

You can also try to develop several skills that are necessary for your profession and these include drawing, sketching and sewing. These skills may be taught in college and it is important to be good in all of them.

Build your own collection

Start to design your own collection as early as possible as this is going to help you a lot when you start looking for employment. You can also identify companies that are likely to buy your designs so you can sell your original designs to them. This means that you also need some marketing or business skills to be a competent fashion designer.

Experience is important

Most fashion houses would want to get a fashion designer who is experienced and that is why it is important to keep practicing. You can even volunteer somewhere so you can learn some techniques about the industry and the world of design in general. Apart from the experience you get in school where you might be asked to produce some designs for practice; you can also get experience working with local groups that might need your service such as theatre groups.

Fashion shows or exhibits

One of the best ways to make yourself and your work known is to attend some fashion shows or fashion exhibits where you have a chance to meet important people in the industry who might be interested in your designs. This is where you bring some of your best designs from your personal collection for showcasing and you never know who might just notice them.

Start somewhere

As a fresh graduate, it may not be easy to secure yourself a good job but you can always start somewhere, for instance, as an assistant designer. Important is that you get some experience even if the salary might not be that good. Most companies have entry level jobs for starting fashion designers like you.

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