How to Become a Chef

If becoming a chef is your dream, then you can now become one using some simple steps. If you are fascinated by cooking and testing out different cuisines, then you need to learn how to become a chef. Have you ever found yourself trying out or rather making your own recipes? If you have, then you can work your way through to becoming a chef. If you are looking for a professional career as a chef, probably this is all you need to know.

Accredited Culinary school

Any chef you have seen featured among the world greatest chefs or any chef that prepares food in your regular hotel must have attended a culinary school. Culinary schools are institutions whereby the art of making and preparing recipes and different kinds of foods are taught. For you to get the best from a culinary school you have to ensure that it is accredited

Checf How to Become a Chef

Style cooking

In a culinary school, you will learn to cook in style. Cooking varies depending on the ingredients and the preparation approach one decides to use. Style cooking involves learning how to make cuisines of different countries, it also involves making of dishes that are outstanding .Seasoning and serving is also learnt.

Pastry preparation

To become a chef, you have to learn how to make pastries of different kinds. The good thing about this field is that you can specialize in it and become a pastry chef. Here you will discover the different approaches or rather techniques that are used make pastries all over the world.

Safety and sanitation of food

Safety and sanitation of food is very vital if you are looking forward to becoming a chef. All the culinary schools teach food science. To become a chef you have to practice several disciplines like cleaning hands and cleaning food before preparing it.

Make it as a chef without training

Cooking is basically an art and anyone can do it. If you do not have enough finances to enroll for a culinary school, then you can train yourself. One secret to becoming a chef without training is by virtue of being creative. With much creativity, you will come up with great recipes for dessert, sources, pastries and vegetables. You can learn how to blend without a blender. As you train, ensure that you make Mouthwatering dishes that will leave everyone ecstatic.

The kinds of chefs

There are several different kinds of chefs. The different kinds of chefs specialize in certain areas of cooking. Pastry chef and sous-chefs are some of the examples of chefs. The star rated restaurants and eateries around the world employ groups of chef s to handle the different departments of their kitchens. Your chef status is ranked depending on your skills and level of education in a culinary school.

Chef de cuisine

A chef de cuisine is the executive chef in any hotel, this kind of chefs are highly skilled and can prepare foods of any kind. The executive chefs are the ones in charge of making signature dishes; they make the rules around the kitchen.


Sous chefs are commonly referred to as assistant chefs and they are second in command after executive chefs.

Chef de partie

A chef de partie prepares certain kinds of dishes in the kitchen; he can specialize in frying, grilling or making dessert.

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