How to BBQ Chicken

Perfect BBQ chicken just tastes delectable. However, it seems that with its heightened popularity and careless BBQ making, not many people can enjoy this.

When the chicken is not barbecued properly, it ends up still pinkish in the center but burnt on the outside. It doesn’t only affect the taste, it also becomes unhealthy.

Now here’s the deal on how to BBQ chicken the way you’ll enjoy it.

What You’ll Need:

  • Brush (for the sauce)
  • Chicken pieces
  • Gas grill or charcoal grill
  • Marinade
  • Meat thermometer
  • Oven
  • Rub or seasonings
  • Sauce
  • Side dishes
    BBQ Chicken How to BBQ Chicken


Step 1: Pick the chicken type you want to barbecue. Some prefer the legs and thighs. Others like the skinless and boneless chicken breasts. If you like t barbecue more than one chicken part, you will have to adjust the cooking times. White meat such as the wings and breasts cook faster than dark meat like legs and thighs.

Step 2: Pick the grill you will use. This relies on how you want to cook your barbecue. This also depends on the neighborhood you’re in and your lifestyle. If you are a beginner at grilling, you can stick to the gas type, although this might be hard to use during the holidays.

Step 3: Marinate the chicken. Marinating the chicken will allow the flavor to sink in making it taste great after it’s grilled. You can choose a marinade flavor you prefer. Variations go from lemon pepper to teriyaki. If you marinate chicken in the fridge, make sure you don’t leave it there for over 48 hours. At room temperature, leave it for an hour.

Step 4: Remove the chicken from the marinade then you can rub the seasonings in. the seasoning will depend on the type of flavor you want the BBQ chicken to have.

Step 5: Pre-cook the chicken by pre-baking. You can bake it at 360 degrees on your oven until partially cooked. This will seal in flavors and will make sure that the chicken is cooked before it goes to the grill. Boiling is done by others. However, boiling takes the flavor away and makes it taste bland.

Step 6: Get your grill ready while the chicken is baking. If you are using the charcoal grill, start the coals and let them burn until a white coating of ash appears on the coals. If gas grill, preheat it to medium heat (360 degrees). Spray the grate also.

Step 7: Place the seasoned chicken on the rack. Cover with the grill lid. Allow to cook for at least half an hour. Check and turn the pieces every 5 minutes to make sure you cook it evenly. You can also rotate the pieces to balance the cool and hot spots on the grill.

Step 8: Glaze the BBQ again with the seasoning 10 minutes before taking chicken out of the grill.

Step 9: After grilling, you can check the chicken pieces with a meat thermometer. Never touch the bone when you insert the thermometer. The meat must have 175 degrees internal temperature.

Step 10: Now your BBQ chicken is ready! Serve and enjoy with delicious side dishes like baked beans, coleslaw, pasta salad or potato salads, and biscuits.

Preparing chicken BBQ should not be a tedious task. These easy steps will make sure you end up with perfectly barbecued chicken everyone will love!

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