How to Barefoot Water Ski

Barefoot water skiing is not too difficult a sport and you can enjoy it very much once you learn the basics. With just a little help from an experienced friend, you can teach yourself to do it on your own. You can actually learn the sport and be a professional player since there are many barefoot water ski competitions that you can participate in. All you need is the right set of equipment that is needed for the sport such as the water skis, bindings, boats, shoe skis and padded wet suits. You also need to wear some safety clothes in the form of a life jacket to protect yourself from injuries.

Barefooting techniques

Before you can start learning this sport, you have to know that there are many methods used in barefoot water ski, some of which are good for beginners while some are more applicable at advanced levels. Some of the easiest techniques are the tumble up and the vault. Other methods you can use are the deep water starts, step-offs, jump outs, beach barefoot, flying dock starts, back step offs and back deeps among others.

Water Ski How to Barefoot Water Ski

Barefoot water ski equipment

You need to have the best equipment with you for your barefoot water ski session. These are things such as the water skis, bindings, boat and life jacket. The boat has to have the right speed according to your experience level. The handles and ropes you use should also be comfortable and made of the right material to prevent rope burns. Make sure the wet suits are padded and the water skis are long enough. You will also need the booms especially when you are a new in the sport or when you need to learn a new trick you are not used to.

For a Beginner

If you are just a beginner, you can’t perform the sport the way an intermediate or advanced player would. As a beginner, the best way to start is to use a boom connected to the boat until you are ready to do without it. You should also begin practicing with a spotter who is going to look out for you to avoid any accidents. Beginners in barefoot water ski can also enlist the services of a professional to coach them since they know the best techniques you can use to begin with. Some of the things you have to learn as a beginner include diving, deepwater starts, falling, tumble up starts and more.


Intermediate players have already learned most of the tricks for the sport and are more confident. You can make use of a variety of techniques such as backward barefooting, front deep start and three point stances. If you are an intermediate player, you can try new tricks that you can handle so you can improve your skills and be an expert.


At an advanced stage, you are now an expert in barefoot water skiing and you are not afraid of any new tricks. You can take part in competitions too at this stage and compete with other experts. At this stage, you can barefoot on one foot easily but after you have done some practice on it. At the beginning, you may experience many falls but once you get to the advanced stage, you are experienced enough to reduce the number of falls.

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