How to Balance a Soccer Ball on Your Foot

Soccer is one of the most exciting and energy filled sports that have been an interest in adults and children alike. Soccer, also called football in England, is a game that involves two teams using different custom uniforms with 11 players for each team. The goal is to kick the soccer ball and pass it to another team member and having the ball enter a goal located at both ends of the playing field guarded by a goalie.

Soccer requires energetic and physically well players to participate in the game. Just like other outdoor sports, it requires a lot of discipline and control over the ball. A soccer player has to gain control over his body and the ball to make him a successful athlete who can move around the field with greater agility. It is best to start with learning how to balance a soccer ball on your foot. When you can balance a ball on your foot, it is not only impressive for the athletes but also for those who simply know the trick.

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Balance Soccer Ball How to Balance a Soccer Ball on Your Foot

To learn this trick, you will need a soccer ball, a flat surface (a tar & chip driveway or field), shin guards and cleats when available. How the trick is done:

Step 1: Lay the soccer ball at the base of your feet in front of you.

Step 2: Decide which foot you’re going to use to balance the ball. You can use the foot you are more comfortable with. You will have greater control with your dominant foot and try doing it on the other foot when you’ve mastered it on the dominant one.

Step 3: Roll the ball up on your foot then place your foot loosely above the soccer ball. Create a backspin by pulling your foot backwards in a swift motion and simultaneously move your foot under the ball.

Step 4: Arch your ankle upwards to create a little cradle in between the shin and the end of your foot.

Step 5: Raise your foot slowly from the ground while carefully balancing the soccer ball in between the cradle.

Step 6: Extend your foot slowly until you make it parallel to the ground.

Step 7: Balance the ball on your foot and hold it there as long as you can. You have balanced the soccer ball on your foot!

Remember that it is better to do this while you have soccer cleats or sneakers with Athletic Crew Socks on than doing it barefoot or just with socks. Balance the ball with your foot against the wall during your first few tries. If you don’t get it right the first time, just keep going and do not lose your concentration by getting distracted by a little frustration and other people – Relax. Keep your eye on the ball and try not to pull a muscle by holding it for very long. When you are successful in knowing how to balance a soccer ball on your foot, keep doing it. Be updated on football news via

Mastering physical control and proper balance are keys to making a good soccer player. When you learn how to balance a soccer ball on your foot, it can mark the beginning of these two aspects. Try it! Don’t forget to get the right apparel. This store that does custom rugby uniforms also has great sports attire for soccer.

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