How to Arrange a Flower Bouquet

Arranging a flower bouquet can be a very interesting and relaxing activity. It can save you a lot of money. Here are easy steps on how to arrange a flower bouquet. You will need:

  • Basket or vase
  • Flower foam
  • Flower Food
  • Flower Tape
  • Sharp knife or pruning shears
  • Push pins
  • Ribbon

Step 1: Select a vase. The vase will improve the look of the finished arrangement. Beginners can stick to simple ones or baskets that won’t take attention from the flowers themselves. A nice, solid color for a vase is a good choice.

flower bouquet1 How to Arrange a Flower Bouquet

Step 2: Select flowers. Work with every flower’s unique features and make them complement each other.

Step 3: after buying flowers, let them rest by cutting an inch off the tip of the stems at an angle with a sharp knife.

Step 4: Place the flowers in water that reaches to about ¾ of their stems. Leave them overnight.

Step 5: Slice the floral foam to make it fit into the vase. Soak in water mixed with flower food.

Step 6: Floral tape will make the structure of the bouquet more stable.

Step 7:you can also use pins to make flowers stick closer together for a more stable bouquet.

Step 8: Begin with your focal flowers. These flowers will be the main attraction of your bouquet.

Step 9: Estimate the amount of time the stem can remain and cut off at an angle.

Step 10: Insert the first flower into the floral foam and surround them with other flowers in a circular pattern. Make patterns in odd numbers as flowers usually grow in odd numbers.

Step 11: Add the line flowers. Line flowers will emphasize the focal flowers and add more beauty to your bouquet.

Step 12: Add the filler flowers. Filler flowers are the smallest flowers that will fill the gaps in between bigger ones. Leaves can also be used to fill the gaps. Some examples of filler flowers are baby’s breath, asters, and dianthus flowers.

Step 13: Add decors to the vase or basket as desired. You can place a ribbon around the vase or basket. You can also try placing plastic over the bouquet tied with a ribbon before delivering the flowers to make it look like it was made by a professional. Flower arranging is fun and if you give someone a bouquet that you arranged yourself, there is greater giving satisfaction with it.

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