How to Apply Greenhouse Idea to Your Room

In home additions, applying the greenhouse idea to rooms you can live in has increasing appeal. “Seldom”, states one architect, “do people want to live in a working greenhouse, a place cluttered with soil and propagating tools, but rather people seek the greenhouse idea as an inexpensive means to integrate light and green living space into their homes.”

The Benefits are many

Older homes often have dark corners and dimly lighted corridors. In many cases a greenhouse type of addition can help relived a somber interior, opening a home to new views and bringing the feeling of the outdoors inside.

Greenhouse Room 5 How to Apply Greenhouse Idea to Your Room

Because greenhouse rooms are flooded with light, they are a good add-on idea in geographical area with many overcast days. The more natural light, the more benefit from natural solar energy. And with the many materials available in glass, glass coatings, shades, and ventilation, homeowners in warm climates can benefit from greenhouse rooms on east, south or west-facing walls.

Recently architects have been considering the greenhouse idea as a passive solar heating system for major remodels.

But watch out for …

You should be aware of some potential gremlins in greenhouse additions. Unless properly constructed, such a room may be plagued by drafts. Applying weather stripping to window and doors and sealing with caulking or flashing where the new structure meets the original house should minimize air filtration. At the same time, though, proper ventilation is necessary to prevent condensation.

Greenhouse Room How to Apply Greenhouse Idea to Your Room

Direct sunlight may discolor upholstery, fade rugs, and dry out wood floors. It can also cause excessive heat buildup. To control the sun’s effects, use roll-up shades of bamboo, fabric, vinyl, or aluminum, inside or outside. Reflective films can reduce the sun’s glare by up to 80 percent. Perhaps the biggest challenge in adding greenhouse rooms is preventing water leaks. Always apply caulking where the greenhouse room joins the existing structure, and overlap the joint with flashing.

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