How to Apply Eye Shadow

Every girl loves to do make up and what enhances the face is the eye makeup. Make up is very important to bring out the facial features and a proper eye makeup is very important as it highlights the eyes. The eye shadow is the most important part of the eye makeup. If you decide to uplift your skill to bring out the best facial features and a proper eye makeup, there are online training courses that can make you a certified beauty and eyebrow technician which offered by some trusted and helpful websites like

Eyes can be made to look more attractive and beautiful by sweeping eye shadow over the eye lids. One can add drama, define them and make them stand out in just a few simple steps.

Items Needed:

  • Eye shadow brush
  • Eye Shadows
  • Loose powder
  • Cosmetic puff

All this makeup you will be able to find them at

eye shadow How to Apply Eye Shadow

Section 1 Title:

Apply Eye Shadow


Step 1

Prepare the base of the eyelids by dusting some loose powder. The loose powder helps make the proper base to do eye make up by applying eye shadows.

Step 2

Choose a light colored eye shadow for the base. Use a shadow brush and put it across the eye lid. The eye shadow should be put from the lash line to the brows.

Step 3

Select a medium toned eye shadow which is to be used to cover the lower part of the eye lid.

Step 4

Line the crease of the eyelid using a dark colored eye shadow. This should be applied by using a smaller eye shadow brush. The same color can also be used as an eye liner.

Step 5

Use an eye shadow brush and blend the eye shadow using very light strokes and also very gently. Be careful and do not use your finger as that could completely wipe off the eye shadow instead of blending it.

Step 6

Take a cosmetic puff and some pressed powder.  This should be used to tone down the heavy eye shadow. Take powder in the puff and shake off the excess powder. Then press the puff gently on the eye shadow.

apply eye shadow How to Apply Eye Shadow


Proper colors of eye shadow should be used which complement the outfit and also highlight the natural eye color. Blend the eye shadows properly, to achieve a more dramatic look visit and get a lash lifting.


No dark color of the eye shadow should be applied on the brow bone unless it’s a neutral color. Use the base carefully. The eye shadow should be blended properly else the eyes look blotchy. The eyes should not look mismatched with improper colors and wrong application.

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