How to Adjust Your Bike Seat

What makes riding a bike more enjoyable is doing it with comfort. And the best way to do it is to adjust the bike seat. Knowing how to adjust your bike seat will not only make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable but also assists you in maneuvering the ride to where you want to be taken. It can be done without your toolbox. You only need to loosen the bolt that holds the seat, adjust its height and position, tighten the bolt, and you’re on your way. But you have to remember that there may be cases when the seat is difficult to adjust because of rust. A good amount of lubricating oil will help you do it.

You will need allen keys and lubricating oil as needed.

Step 1: Buy allen keys for your bike seat

Allen keys are small wrenches used to attach and loosen bolts with patterned heads. These come in different sizes and are perfect for adjusting bolts of the bicycle seat. A set of allen keys can be purchased at any hardware stores at affordable prices. If you own more than one bike, having a set is a good investment.

Bike Seat How to Adjust Your Bike Seat

Step 2: Pick the allen key that will loosen your seat bolt.

Do a trial and error with your set of allen keys to find which key fits the bolt’s pattern. When you find it, you can start loosening the bolt. If the surface is rusty or if the bolt doesn’t budge, try applying lubricating oil on the bolt.

Step 3: Adjust the seat

Adjust the seat according to the rider’s ergonomics with the bike to move it to a desired height and position. Ideally, the knee is slightly arched when the foot is on the pedal. If the seat doesn’t budge, try applying lubricating oil.

Step 4: Tighten the seat bolt

After adjusting the seat, the bolt must be tightened with the use of an allen key. With the presence of rust comes the need of applying lubricating oil on the bolt and grooves to make tightening easier. Check if the seat is properly affixed to the bike to avoid accidents caused by loose seats.

Seat Adjustment is important. When you know how to adjust your bike seat is a requirement. A well-positioned seat will promote proper riding posture and makes it easy for your back and legs while biking. When your legs are not pressured, your speed increases with ease. When you are not comfortable with your seat, review these instructions on how to adjust your bike seat. If you are into buying a new bike, browse around here and have fun riding!

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