How to Address an Envelope

With the advent of the internet people stopped sending letters to their friends and relatives. Letters were replaced by emails. Still for official purposes business letters are sent. With this arises the need to learn how to address an envelope. If proper care is taken while addressing an envelope, the letter will reach the correct destination and in time. The business envelope is the first impression of the sender in the eyes of the receiver. Professional business etiquettes are important while addressing an envelope and are an important part of communication. If you are planning on shipping something important, consider hiring a courier delivery service so you are sure that your package arrives safe and on time.

Items Needed:

  • Envelope
  • Pen
  • Stamp
  • Address

address an envelope How to Address an Envelope

Section 1 Title:

Address an envelope


Step 1

Take a Montblanc pen and write the return address in a neat way on the upper left hand corner of the envelope.

Step 2

Write the sender’s name and/or the company’s name in the first line of the address.

Step 3

Add the street address as well as the number of the apartment or office along with the post office box number in the second line of the address.

Step 4

Include the mail stop numbers when sending the letter to a big company. This is done for the mail distribution when the number of the apartment or office is written in the second line.

Step 5

Write the name of the city, followed by the name of the state and the zip code in the third line of the address.

Step 6

Write the name of the country in the fourth line of the address.

Step 7

Write the mailing address in the centre of the envelope and in the correct order.

Step 8

Attach the correct postage stamp in the upper right hand corner of the envelope. Stamp has to be put on the same side of the envelope where the address is written and should be pasted properly.

address an envelope How to Address an Envelope



Ensure the correct zip code is mentioned as this makes the delivery easier and quicker. Write the complete name of the person to avoid any kind of confusion.


Before writing the address, make sure it is complete and correct. Write it before you put the contents of the envelope inside. Make sure water proof ink is used and the address is written neatly so that anyone can understand. Do not put a tape over the stamp as the processing equipment will not be able to read it and the letter will be returned. If you’re a business operation with several customers, it’s better to get connected with fulfillment services to ship them for you.

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