How to Add Space to an iPod

The iPod is a very versatile piece of technology great for playing music. It is also very handy for storing files to be moved between computers. New-generation ipods have up to 160 GB of storage space. That already amounts to an entire digital music collection in 2 or even more computers – perhaps the entire music collection of a music store. However, there are still fanatics and avid computer users that require more space in their iPods. Here are tips on how to add space to an iPod.

Space allocation can play an important role in adding space available in your iPod. Some people wonder why a 1GB iPod Shuffle come with only 964 MB of storage space available. This is because there is internal software that occupies space in the total memory capacity. The software is responsible for making the iPod function. You cannot physically add storage to your iPod because it is designed with sophisticated engineering making it not user-serviceable. The best thing to do is properly allocate what files you want to store and make modifications to the files being stored in the iPod.

iPod How to Add Space to an iPod

Good filing and music management will make you maximize the available amount of space on the iPod. The ways that can improve and optimize storage are as follows:

  • Manage playlists. Remove duplicates and unwanted songs.
  • Allocate space using iTunes. If you use the iPod for storing music and computer files, you can allocate the amount of space you want available for each through summary and settings tab of iTunes.
  • Convert music files to AAC format. This format tlaes lesser space than MP3 and involves very minimal loss in sound quality.
  • Increase compression of multimedia files. You can compress large files through a program like SoundForge, Audacity, or CoolEdit to compress files and leave more space.
  • Archive and compress large files. The iPod is primarily used for music and not storage. Prioritize playable, portable media and use a different storage medium for storing files not used by an iPod.

When you are able to maximize the space in your iPod, you can listen with ease and have greater choices for music. You can also store media files easier, faster, and better. These tips will allow you to maximize the advantages of having your iPod regardless of the model or generation. Some people may just want it simply for music purposes; others can use it for other forms of audiovisual entertainment.

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