How Scented Flameless Candles Work

The convenience flameless candles offers, especially scented flameless candles, makes it easier for us to go on with other activities of our daily lives. But for the inquisitive mind, a question arises as to how exactly scented flameless candles work. Is the technology behind these unique candles complicated? Do scented flameless candles contain little “machines” trapped inside each candle? Can the technology of scented flameless candles be replicated?  can wax melts be used in burners?

how scented flameless candles work How Scented Flameless Candles Work

Anatomy of scented flameless candles

From afar scented flameless candles look exactly like what they are intended to look: real candles made of wax. Just like their genuine counterparts, they are hollow—as if to mimic the result of pillars of wax melted by the candle’s heat. They have wicks, too. The only difference is that their wicks are, of course, soot-free and will not burn anything. In fact, these do not emit heat, and if you look closely you will not see a flame. The light the wick emits actually pulses every so often such that the candle appears to be a “flickering” flame.

The real action lies beneath the simulated wick, for there is a compartment that holds the batteries. Some scented flameless candles have rechargeable batteries. Some require only one battery, while others need at least two to function at their best.

The compartment that houses the batteries also contains a circuit board with an LED (light emitting diode). As with any other flameless candles, LED technology is what powers it. This technology pertains to a process where electric current is actually converted to light energy when activated.

Story behind the scent

The feature that can be seen only in flameless scented candles is the presence of a fragrance compartment and a device which looks like a fan. The fragrance compartment houses the scent that is intended to be released by the candle. Some have replaceable fragrance cartridges, while others do not have this feature.

The placement of the fan is crucial because when the switch of the candle is turned on, not only will the circuit board be activated to convert electric energy to light energy, it also sets in motion the fanning action whereby air is blown toward the fragrance compartment.

The composition of the candle is such that the fragrance passes in an upward direction. This means that the air from the fanning device is strong enough to lift the fragrance so that it is “released” into the surrounding area.

This is how your basic scented flameless candle works. Know, however, that there are many variations of this technology. Some have incorporated timing devices so that even if the candle is off, gusts of fragrance are still released to the air. Some have also combined insect repellants to the fragrance. There are countless choices of scents.

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