How a Windmill Works

A windmill is a machine for pumping, grinding and harnessing energy, especially used in farms and if they are damaged then they’d most likely need an agricultural equipment repair. The secret of how a windmill work is gathering the driving force of wind hitting on the vanes or sails. Ancient people particularly during the 7th century AD in Persia knew how the windmill had work as it was where the first structures of windmills were built. Windmills have been utilized in Europe and Holland is noteworthy. In this modern world, windmills are basically used foe generating electricity.

Working of Windmills

Windmills have bid blades for gathering wind that flows over it. In addition, these blades are also used for lift to turn the windmill. The blades are linked to a drive shaft which is connected to an electric generator for producing electricity. When the drive shaft revolves as the blades turn, electricity is produced. Then, electricity is sent through wires and is stored.

Windmill Work How a Windmill Works

The location of windmill is very important because it assures that the mill can have the best possible access to the wind reserves.

Types of Windmills

The working of windmills depends on the types. There are different types of windmills which are classified according to the direction of their blade rotation. The most common types of windmills are the horizontal axis turbines and the vertical axis turbines.

The most traditional and the most popular type of windmills till now are the horizontal turbines. They are similar to an airplane with a propeller. In addition, the vertical axis windmills are those types of windmills having blades which looking like an egg beater. By far, they are not too much popular as compared to the horizontal ones and they make up a very small percentage.

The modern windmills are also called wind turbines. They are set up in big groups called wind farms. Turbines generate nearly forty percent of the total electricity on earth. Some of these turbines are actually off shore. These turbines are however normally steered by steam which is generated by burning fossil fuels or nuclear fission applications.


The size of a windmill has an impact on its working. It can generate a particular quantity of electricity depending in the size and structure. The windmills that are bigger generate greater electricity. On the other hand, small windmills can generate power for a single house. Windmill farms can produce substantial megawatts of electricity which is sufficient to provide power to an entire community. Zero emissions are produced by wind power turbines and they use complete renewable fuel sources. To learn more about green energy solutions, go online and check with this Geothermal consulting firm.


Electricity production depends on the working of windmill specially when there is an irregular wind. There can be problems because of the slacking gusts. Further development is encouraged as windmills use renewable energy. However with the passage of time, technology has increased the effectiveness of wind turbines. Windmills have become a cost effective enterprise for producers and consumers.

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