Ceiling repairs and Ceiling coving


Mending a large hole in a plasterboard ceiling is not as difficult as it may sound but if you are not sure how to do it, you may want to hire local roof contractors to do the job for you. Plasterboard is obtainable at builders’ merchants. A new piece can be nailed to a softwood framework fixed to the joists above the ceiling.

Ceiling repairs Ceiling repairs and Ceiling coving

Cut out the damage area of plasterboard with a saw to form a square recess. The opposite sides of the opening should be cut flush with the internal face of the joints. A new softwood framework should be fixed to the four sides of the framework, leaving a small gap at the edges. Spread a band of joint filler around the edges of the new plasterboard. Then spread scrim tape along the edges. For damage areas in lath and plaster ceilings, do plaster repair by brushing away all dust and push in paper backing, if it is needed, leaving a space of ½ in. for the plaster. Use a trowel to apply the plaster. Leave the first cost slightly below surface level. Dampen the surface with fresh water before applying the final coat of plaster – or cellulose filler of you prefer. Brush lightly over the repaired area with water to feather out the edges.



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