How to Setup a New Aquarium

Carefully lift the tank into position on top of the styrofoam, making sure it is square with the base. If undergravel filtration has been chosen, the bottom of the tank should be More »

How to Select and Organize a Campsite while Backpacking

Once you arrive at the place where you plan to spend the night, look around for a good area to pitch your tent. You’ll want to avoid obvious drainages (low points that More »

How to Prepare a New Tank

Once the decision to purchase a fish tank has been made, it is easy to get carried away by the excitement, and completely disregard advance planning; and we must stress once again More »

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip Food Menu

Breakfast: Hot cereals are a popular choice. Use one pot to boil water and get your grinder ready for your 11 oz colombian whole bean coffee or if you want to keep More »

How to Pack a Backpack

For years, we taught beginning backpack students to carry no more than 25% of their body weight in their backpack, but this generalization no longer holds true. For a small inexperienced backpacker, More »

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How to Repair Bathroom Vents

When you have your bathroom vent in place then these help stop the bacteria growing in the room stopping mould from forming meaning that when you use your shower then the moisture is taken out of the room stopping the buildup of mould from forming.  If you find that your unit doesn’t work then here

How to Repair Exhaust Fans

Many of us have these exhaust fans in their homes because they can really help us and our homes greatly when they have been installed correctly.  These fans helps keep the air in our homes cleaner and the ventilated better without one of these in our bathrooms and kitchens but these do work great in

How to Repair the Water Pump in an Evaporative Fan

When you have an evaporative fan in a room then you should realise that this is one way in which you could help save a lot of energy and be an earth friendly thing to use in your home.  This is something which is going to save yourself a lot of money as well as

How to Replace a Cooling Thermostat

A lot of people have a thermostat along with their air conditioners in their homes because it helps them keep track of the temperature in our homes. They can be a really good tool to have but there are some times when you will get some problems with your cooling thermostat and you need to get

How to Replace a Dryer Vent

If you find that your dryer vent isn’t working as it should be then it could mean that your clothes are taking twice as long to dry than normal then you should think about replacing the old one if you have tried repairing the dryer vent.  A lot of the problems can be that the

How to Replace a Dryer Vent Hose

Sometimes a dryer vent can be a nightmare because they can get dirty easily because of the amount of lint that builds and blocks the system is gets but they can be a big risk when it comes to a fire starting in our home.  This is because the vents have not been cleaned properly

How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Motor

Most of us have had a swamp cooler in our homes and that they don’t always run to perfection and that a lot of the times we will have to make sure they work properly so it means that repairs might need to be done.  You could find that your motor burns out and will

How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Pump

When you have your swamp cooler in your home then you could find that you get some problems with the pump in the system meaning that more than likely you are going to have to remove this and replace the pump which is why we will like to recommend  the heat pumps Auckland service. When

How to Use Polybutylene Plumbing Pipe

Polybutylene tubing is brown in color and naturally flexible; in this respect it differs from CPVC tubing, which is rigid. As well as being available in 3m (10ft) lengths in all three diameters, it is also obtainable as a 100m (325ft) coil in the 15mm (1/2in) size, and as a 50m (162ft) coil in the

How to Repair Your Fluorescent Lighting

If you are interested in saving some energy dollars, you might wish to consider fluorescent lighting, particularly if you’re going to put in new fixtures. Fluorescent tubes give light much more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. In fact, a 40-watt fluorescent gives out more light than a 100-watt incandescent while using less than half the current.

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