How to Setup a New Aquarium

Carefully lift the tank into position on top of the styrofoam, making sure it is square with the base. If undergravel filtration has been chosen, the bottom of the tank should be More »

How to Select and Organize a Campsite while Backpacking

Once you arrive at the place where you plan to spend the night, look around for a good area to pitch your tent. You’ll want to avoid obvious drainages (low points that More »

How to Prepare a New Tank

Once the decision to purchase a fish tank has been made, it is easy to get carried away by the excitement, and completely disregard advance planning; and we must stress once again More »

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip Food Menu

Breakfast: Hot cereals are a popular choice. Use one pot to boil water and get your grinder ready for your 11 oz colombian whole bean coffee or if you want to keep More »

How to Pack a Backpack

For years, we taught beginning backpack students to carry no more than 25% of their body weight in their backpack, but this generalization no longer holds true. For a small inexperienced backpacker, More »

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How to Improve Domestic Plumbing System by Joining New Pipework into Old

Improvements or additions to a domestic plumbing system inevitably involve joining new pipework into old. How you do this depends largely upon whether the existing pipework is made of lead, iron or more modern materials -copper, polythene or even unplasticised PVC. Before you decide to contact a water line installation service, make sure you do hire drain

How to Fix a Leaky Basement

The most common basement problem is moisture, and that moisture doesn’t have to be the result of a flooded basement to cause trouble. A damp basement can ruin items stored, can cause mildew and other fungal growth, and can make conversion of the basement into living space a little iffy, stop leaks in your home

How to Deal with Common Clothes Washer Problems

We’ve come a long way since the women-folk used to beat the clothing on the rocks down by the riverside. Not only have they done away with that, now the clothes are put in the machine, detergent is added, and then 30 minutes later, clothes are clean and spun almost dry. And neither rock nor

How to Deal with Common Automatic Dishwasher Problems

The advent of the automatic dishwasher did away with the family dilemma of who was going to wash and who was going to dry. Not only does this appliance make family life easier, but also when things go wrong, most are easy to repair. Here are some fairly common problems: Nothing happens – Is there

How to Bend Copper Pipe

If a lot of changes of direction are necessary in a pipe run it’s cheaper and quicker to bend the pipe rather than use fittings. This also makes the neatest finish particularly if the pipework is going to be exposed. Under a pedestal wash-basin, for example, the hot and cold supply pipes rise parallel to

How to Arrange Lighting for Your Aquarium

Nowadays aquaria are normally illuminated using one or more tubular fluorescent lights, or less commonly – and mainly for marine aquaria – mercury vapour or metal halide lamps. Types of Lighting Fluorescent lighting consists of two parts, the controller and the tube. The former lasts for years, the latter requires replacement from time to time,

How to Adjust Water Chemistry in Aquarium

Few aquarists have tap water which is ideally suited to the fishes they wish to keep. There are however steps that can be taken to modify this to create the correct conditions. Hardening aquarium water is generally a straightforward matter of introducing calcareous (i.e. CaC03-rich) decor materials such as tufa rock and coral sand. There

How to Add Water to Your New Aquarium

Plain, cold tap water is acceptable, pretreated to remove contaminants if necessary. For your first aquarium, you will probably be buying fish locally, and they will almost certainly have been kept in local tap water like yours (but check!). It is thus usually unnecessary and undesirable to modify your water chemistry at this stage, even

How to Add Rocks and Wood to Your Freshwater Aquarium

Rocks: As regards water chemistry, choice of rocks is just as important as choice of substrate. Calciferous materials – limestones (including tufa), corals and shells – should be used only in marine, brackish or hard water biotopes, not the general community, especially if its water is already hard and alkaline. Otherwise use inert rocks such

How to Work with Old and New Doors

A door which jams in winter yet opens in summer is usually the result of humidity changes swelling and shrinking the timber. Minor problems could be caused by excessive coats of paint on the edge of the door will have to be tripped back to bare wood, composite doors bristol could give a hand with

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