How to Setup a New Aquarium

Carefully lift the tank into position on top of the styrofoam, making sure it is square with the base. If undergravel filtration has been chosen, the bottom of the tank should be More »

How to Select and Organize a Campsite while Backpacking

Once you arrive at the place where you plan to spend the night, look around for a good area to pitch your tent. You’ll want to avoid obvious drainages (low points that More »

How to Prepare a New Tank

Once the decision to purchase a fish tank has been made, it is easy to get carried away by the excitement, and completely disregard advance planning; and we must stress once again More »

How to Plan a Backpacking Trip Food Menu

Breakfast: Hot cereals are a popular choice. Use one pot to boil water and get your grinder ready for your 11 oz colombian whole bean coffee or if you want to keep More »

How to Pack a Backpack

For years, we taught beginning backpack students to carry no more than 25% of their body weight in their backpack, but this generalization no longer holds true. For a small inexperienced backpacker, More »

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How to Layer Backpacking Clothes – Beginning Backpacking Techniques

Layer One: Long Underwear: Remember: dry skin = warm skin. However, this can be difficult to manage when you are also hiking up a steep trail with a heavy pack on your back. A healthy body perspires constantly to cool itself off. As the perspiration evaporates, it transfers excess heat away from your skin along

How to Go Winter Camping and Backpacking

If you plan to do any winter camping, you will probably need to purchase or rent a bag designed specifically for that purpose. Many mountaineering bags are made of water-repellent nylon or Gore-tex on the outside, and have a special absorbent inner-liner that “wicks” perspiration and moisture away from the body. They are also made

How to Fit a Backpack

Before leaving for your trip make sure the pack you plan to use is adjusted to fit your body. If you have purchased or rented a backpack, do not leave the store until the salesperson checks and adjusts the pack for the proper fit. This needs to be done with the pack moderately weighted. Most

How to Build Your Own First Aid Kit for Backpacking

If you prefer to create your own first aid kit, you need to learn what supplies are commonly needed and how to treat everything from blisters to broken bones. Fortunately, most of the problems people encounter on weekend backpacking trips are minor, involving maladies such as sprains, blisters, insect bites and upset stomachs. But if

How to Avoid Getting Lost While Backpacking

One of the most dangerous situations that can occur on a wilderness backpacking trip is getting lost in unfamiliar terrain. Usually, backpackers will get lost on a trip as they wander away from their camp for a day hike, in search of water, or to find a secluded place to go to the bathroom, and

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Every girl loves to do make up and what enhances the face is the eye makeup. Make up is very important to bring out the facial features and a proper eye makeup is very important as it highlights the eyes. The eye shadow is the most important part of the eye makeup. If you decide

How To Buy A Valentine Gift For Your Girlfriend

For the special woman in your life, Valentine’s Day is the best opportunity for you to show how much she means to you. If you are in a dilemma on what to do or buy her on that day, we have some options you can choose from. Bear in mind that when you are dealing

How To Buy A Christmas Gift For Your Girlfriend

The Christmas season is a time to give gifts to loved ones. This leaves you to really think hard so that your girlfriend is not disappointed. It is important to get her something that is personal, romantic and fun. But this no easy task, and can make you a frustrated guy. This article gives tips

How to Choose a Father’s Day Gift

Shopping is one of the nicest hobbies you can do. Although in the real sense people often run out of ideas when they go out to shop. Oh! It is  fathers’ day again. A father is a very important person in your life, someone who wiped your tears when you were crying and made you

How to Organize a Surprise Party

According to parties can be more exciting if we make them surprises. It has been argued that well arranged surprises could turn casual friends to very close friends. Organizing surprise parties for those we love can change the way we relate with them and can make them retain memories forever. A good example is

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