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How to Clean a Dryer Vent on the Roof

Cleaning your dryer vent should be something that is done frequently especially if you often use the dryer vent; a lot of the time with these vents, it will be that the dryer can get clogged from all of the dirt that builds up.  If so then you are going to have to start thinking about getting any repairs done or replacements.

It can be easy to clean your dryer vent out though so try these few steps.


  • Ladder
  • Knife
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Screwdriver

Dryer Vent How to Clean a Dryer Vent on the Roof

  • Disconnecting the Dryer

You are going to need to disconnect your dryer vent; make sure that you have the power switched off completely.  Remember to shut off the gas – you are going to need to locate your valve of the gas and switch the gas off from there.

  • Removing the Dryer Vent

Removing the dryer vent cover from the vent so that you can clean the inside of the vent will be the first part.  It will usually be that the cover is kept into place by some screws but it will be easy to remove them with your screwdriver.

  • Cleaning the Inside

Cleaning the inside of the vent is simple, you are going to have to go outside and locate the vent.  You will have to take out the dryer off so you can start to clean the dust out from the inside of the vent.  Take the chance to also clean around the vent also; you could use a wet cloth just to wipe away the extra dirt.

  • Opening the Outer Vent

You are going to need access to your outer vent which will be located outside your home.  The roof is going to be where the vent could be, a lot of the times, the vents are going to be found on the roof.  If you don’t want to stick your neck on the line then just call in a professional. Jayhawk Exteriors can assist with all your roofing and exterior needs.

  • Cleaning the Outer Vent

Cleaning out the outer vent is the next part of the cleaning process; you want to remove as much dirt or dust that you can by hand.  You should use a cloth that is going to swipe out all of the dirt lodged in the vent and once you have done this or got as much dirt as you can out then grab a vacuum cleaner and try getting the rest of the dirt out of the vent.

  • Testing the Vent

Now that you have done all cleaning of your dryer vent then you should switch it back on and test it.  Make sure that everything is working properly that there has been no parts faulty or have been put back in the wrong order .

Doing this will also remove any old pieces of dirt or dust in the dryer also; you can run your dryer vent run for a few minutes and once you are satisfied that it is working perfectly then you can switch it back off again and there you have it.  Your dryer vent is good as new.

How to Change a Bathroom Vent

Getting a bathroom vent can be a great thing to have for your home because it helps prevents any humidity staying in the room and keep out the odors also; to help prevent mould then you could get any moisture in the room removed with a bathroom vent.  They can help reducing any problems you have in your bathroom with mould or mildew can be lessen with these fans taking out the air and back outside.

Sometimes however these bathroom vents can break down at some times and that could mean that there are going to be some odors developing in the room.  That is why you should get these bathroom vents fixed as soon as possible so that there are no problems building up in your room but replacing them are actually quite easy to do.  If you are going to replace the vent yourself then remember to get yourself a protective mask – this is because you might be allergic to the dust particles in the vent.

Change Bathroom Vent How to Change a Bathroom Vent

What you are going to need;

1.       Screwdriver

2.       Vac

3.       Fan motor – new of course

4.       Stepladder

Step 1: Power on

The first step that is probably not needed to be even said is of course to switch off power to the vent at your circuit box.

Step 2: Loosen up

Take your stepladder and place it under your vent and then use it to reach your vent so that you can loosen the grill of the vent.  Many vents will be screwed down so you are going to have to take out the screws; make sure you have the vent secured.

Step 3: Locate

You should see your motor of your vent and find the model number and then take your vac and remove all of the dust out of the vent.  You need to make sure that you have cleaned out all of the dust from the vent so that you can get your model number so that you can get a replacement; if you find the right model then that is going to make it much easier to replace it.

Step 4: Blower off

You will need to locate the blower which is near the pipe, you need to remove it.

Step 5: Unplugging

Take out the motor which is going to be found in the electrical socket just inside the vent and simple take it out; sometimes it might be screwed in so if so then you can just unscrew out the screws and then take out the motor.

Step 6: Installation

You need to install the new motor; this is a simple part, you just need to put it back where the old one was and affix it with screws so that it is secure.  Now you can put the blower back into place and then plug the motor in.

Bathroom Vent How to Change a Bathroom Vent

Step 7: Power on

Now the last step will be to turn back on your power with your circuit box and make sure that your vent is fine and properly working.  If not then you should see what you have done wrong or if you think you have done everything right consult a professional just in case.

This is the few simple steps to replace your bathroom vent which is quite simple once you get the hang of it which shouldn’t even take a hour, thirty minutes probably less once you know what you are doing.   Your vent is going to have its motor, frame and some wires leading to your power source so be careful.

How to Replace a Dryer Vent

If you find that your dryer vent isn’t working as it should be then it could mean that your clothes are taking twice as long to dry than normal then you should think about replacing the old one if you have tried repairing the dryer vent.  A lot of the problems can be that the vent has became blocked with lint which could even damage some or even most parts of your dryer vent meaning that you have to replace the whole unit.  Here is what you are going to need and what you need to know to replace your dryer vent.

What you need to get;

  • Tin snips
  • Metal duct collar
  • Vacuum
  • Exterior Dryer vent

Replace Dryer Vent How to Replace a Dryer Vent

  • Measuring tape
  • Silicone caulk and caulking gun
  • Foil Tape
  • Metal screws
  • Dryer Vent hose
  • Electric drill

Your first step – to inspect your vent

You should know that your ventilation hose is connected to your outside wall of your home.  You need to search all parts of the vent from your outside wall to the hose so that you can see if there is anything damage to the hose; if there is then you are going to have to replace the part.  You need to know all the right measurements of the hose so that you know if you need to replace that then you can get the right sized hose.

Second step – taking out the old vent

You have got all of your new parts so now you can take out your dryer vent and disassemble it and put it into the bin.  You will need to take out your external vent but you need the collar for your new vent so remember to keep this.

You should clean out any lint that is in the dryer vent and you should think about cleaning this out often so that you can lessen the risk of a fire breaking out.

Third step – start your preparation of your new vent

You need to put your vent where your old one went and for the new screws you are going to have to install then you will need to use some screws so you need to mark out where they are going to be going.  You should get your metal collar cut down to size with some tin snips.

Fourth step – to install your vent

You are going to have to put your new collar into your dryer vent and putting your vent back into position again.  You will need to keep this in place with silicone caulk and as well as some screws also; you don’t want any leakages so you need to have the entire vent secured to the wall.

Last step – attaching your hose

To replace your dryer vent then you will need to reconnect your dryer to your exterior vent so that the air circulates back out of your home.  You are going to have to take away your old hose but this is quite easy to do you just need to pull it off from your dryer.

You are going to have to take your new hose which you bought earlier and put this back into your dryer.  You want to put this to your external vent but you need to keep this hose straight without bending it or twisting it otherwise you won’t have a good enough air circulation through.  You are going to have to put your collar and attach it to your dryer hose; you should keep these in place with the use of some metal clamps or even some duct tape.

How to Upgrade a Dryer Vent

When you want to dry your clothes using a drying machine then you could get a dryer vent; there is a selection of what you could be using as a part of the duct works.  There is a possibility that you could use some foil, a metal pipe vent or even plastic; any of these are good to use however but not all can hold up during the various times of the year.

Sometimes it can be that your airflow is interrupted by some clogs in the vent or duct work which affects the way the system will work; that is why your bills could be higher meaning you are paying out more.  It could be that you should think about upgrading your dryer vent if you have plastic to a metal rigid pipe so that the vent works smoother when it comes to drying your clothes.

What you are going to need;

  • A vacuum
  • A aluminum flex vent

Upgrade Dryer Vent How to Upgrade a Dryer Vent

  • An Adjustable periscope box vent
  • A screwdriver
  • A dryer vent brush
  • Some band clamps
  • Two elbows

So your first step should be to make sure that your dryer has been switched off meaning that you are going to have to stop all electricity going into the vent so taking out the breaker in your circuit board could be the best option for you.

Now you can take your dryer and pull it from your wall, this will be so that you can take your vent out from the exhaust piece, this can be done easily by taking out the clamp that keeps the two in place.

To remove your clamp then you are going to need your screwdriver for this part but it is very easy to do however.

Now you can clean out the vent properly so that there are no dirt left in the vent; next you can put your vent away from your duct work that leads outside and again clean away lint or dirt that have built up.

Now are going to have to take your band clamp which should be metal and attach to your periscope box.  You should now put your box vent to your exhaust piece and put your band clamp in place with the help of your screwdriver.

You need to make sure that this part has been done correctly ad that your clamp is in place using the screwdriver but it is tight and won’t come out easily because you need this very secure.

You should take one end of your periscope – the higher part and lift that over your dryer and then you can put in your plug in but don’t put that on because you are still working here.  Now you can put your dryer back near the wall again.

You will have a lower flex which should be put into your periscope box and you are going to need a clamp to make sure that the elbow is kept in place and it should be at an angle of around ninety degrees.

You can now join your duct work to your periscope – this will be the upper part of your box however.

You are going to need another band clamp so that you can put this at your duct as well as the elbow.  You need to make sure that this has been securely in place so make sure that the band clamp has been tight enough to keep everything in place.

You are going to have to join your periscope at the middle of the lower and upper parts of this which will fit together quickly.  They will have a snap lock which keeps them in place and secure.

All you really need to do now is to clean up any mess there is and then see how your dryer works.  You need to make sure that it is working properly so put your breaker back and then try testing the unit out to see how well the unit is working.

How to Use a Soffit Vent

If you are unsure about what a soffit vent is or even what it does then you should know that it is found in almost every building because it is very much an important part of the building.  When you have a soffit vent there you may not just one have type of soffit vent as there are quite a few in fact that have many different uses but you are going to find one underneath the eaves on a house.  This actually vents to get the right airflow into a house but to know what these are used for you need to make sure that you are using them for the right purposes.

Where are you going to find your soffit vent more often or not – your attic; your attic can get really hot if you find that this area is not ventilated properly meaning that your home may also become warmer through the heat being produced and stored up in your attic meaning there will be less chance of this happening if you have a soffit vent in your attic.  The heat rises in your home which is not good in the summertime but having a soffit vent then that could make it less stuffer in the room.  You could get an attic fan to help get the air flow circulating properly again.

Use Soffit Vent How to Use a Soffit Vent

People often ask why is a soffit vent really needed for; they have no real purpose but they actually do, many people think these are useless to have in a home but they are really very much needed.

You are going to find that there is less condensation building up in your attic when there are proper circulating flowing through meaning there won’t be a lot of work needed to be done because of any damage done.  If you have converted the attic into another room or work area then you want this to be properly ventilated so that you don’t have to waste more money on air conditioning up there or a cooling fan otherwise your bills will sky rocket at the best of times.

If you have a soffit vent in your home then it could be that is helps cut the cost of your bills which is something that you want to save up in the summer and spend more in the winter times.

Now when you are going to get a soffit installed somewhere then you are going to have to think about the soffit dimensions that you will need to get.  This could be to do with your roof structure and you might find that you might need a bigger dimension soffit installed if you have a wider roof.

You might find that your soffit is more vulnerable to getting damage from the different seasons; the cold gets to it as does the snow and rain so they can rot the soffit more easily.  There are also animals that like to nest also near your soffit so you are going to have to try to make sure that there are no animals like birds nesting up there or you might have few problems to deal with.

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