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How to Use a Lensatic Compass

Using a lensatic compass is not very difficult. However, knowing about the basic components is important though.

Basic Components

A lensatic lens has three components: the base, lens and the cover. The base contains the internal workings of the device. The cover shows the wiring and points used for navigation and also act as a protective shield. The main feature is the dial showing the compass. On the other hand, the lens has a floating dial. These are the complete features of course but some have more features. However these are the basic features. Now when all the basic have been known, the next step is to learn to use a lensatic compass.

Lensatic Compass How to Use a Lensatic Compass


Open the device setting the compass card at an angle if 90 degrees. The lens has to be lifted to an angle of 45 degrees. For making it easy to handle, set the thumb on the hook and check to make that the hook is set down before doing this step.

When the hook has been set, select the target. Now modify the wiring to make it aligned with the center of the target. Then read the compass card. The lens can be adjusted if needed. It can be read in the degrees or MILS. The eyes must not be moved away form the goal.

Setting the Bearing

This has to be started by setting up the device as stated before. The bezel line has to be now checked to make sure it is at the north. Set the direction right on north for using a lensatic compass. When the bezel and arrow have been aligned, the direction is now set and the sighting wire is also set. Now the directions have to be followed.

Following the Directions

A landmark has to be selected first which will act as an indicator point. Though this is only for setup purposes. Even if it disappears, the right location will be pinpointed by the device. This can even be used for creating a new reference landmark.


When the device is used for establishing the location, it is called resection. A map must be in place for using this feature. Some landmarks like trees or monuments can be observed. For using a lensatic compass, the azimuth has to be marked from your location to the selected landmark. It should be noted that the rear part of this is the orientation opposite to you.

180 degrees has to be subtracted from this measurement. The process has to be repeated for the other point. Get the set lines and the map along the reference markers or features that have been made. The lines have to be illustrated on the azimuth angle. Eventually, the points will meet. This is the location.

Tips and Caution

Some of the devices are not easy to use. Some time has to be spared to study its features. If it is still being studied, don’t go out and depend on it for finding the directions. It is a great tool for navigation but its functions have to be known first. The biggest challenge is probably reading the military units but one will get used to it in due time.

This is a popular device in the military. However it can also be utilized by ordinary people for a variety of uses. It will serve you well once you learn to use this great navigation device.

How to Apply For a Passport

Passport is one of the important documents needed for traveling to other countries. It is important for proving the citizenship and identity of a person. However, the procedures for getting or applying for a passport are different in countries but the requirements for applicants are almost similar. For avoiding hassles or difficulties in getting this document, the best thing to do is to have ideas about the essential requirements. Here are some information and tips regarding the requirements that must be known when applying for a passport.


It is fairly easy and wimple to apply for a passport. It is important o gather all the needed documents before going to the agency that approves applications for the passport. Proof of citizenship is one of the required applications that applicants must bring, it can also be a documented birth certificate. For being sure about the authenticity of the document, it should have the national government’s official seal.

Passport How to Apply For a Passport

In addition, two passport size pictures of the applicant are also required and these photographs have to be identical with each other. Furthermore, the photographs must be recent. Professional photographers charge a price of $5 to $20 at studios for taking passport-size photographs.

A valid ID is another important requirement when applying for a passport and it should also bear the photo of the applicant. For example, driver’s license and school ID can be used as means of valid identification cards. When all these required things have been gathered, an application form has to be taken for the document. This application form can also be downloaded from the internet. All the information needed in the form should be filled. It is important to sign the application form when instructed and in front of the representative of the government agency responsible for the approval of issuance of passports.

Submitting the required documents

When all the requirement have been completed, the application form along with the materials have to be submitted to a representative. Once the requirements and the form have been submitted, it is up to the applicant to choose how they would receive the passport.

Those who don’t have any urgent need and have enough time to wait can choose to receive the document through routine service. The agency will mail the passport with this service to the applicants and they will receive the document within two or three months. On the contrary, those applicants who have urgent requirement of the document in less than two months should choose a speedy expedited service. This service will send the passport within a short time of two or three weeks.

How to Build a Rat Rod

Having little basic knowledge of cars, it is easy to build a rat rod on one’s own. First, following things are needed.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Car
  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Components (transmission, lights, pistons, tires, etc)

The objective behind making this car is for racing and speeding, every part needed for speeding it up should be grabbed. This is the main aim of the project so all the parts should be made ready.

Rat Rod How to Build a Rat Rod

Selecting the Car Frame

There are few guidelines for selecting a car frame. Select the one that is as light as possible. The lighter will be better as it will have less weight to carry and it will drive faster. Any extra parts or accessories that are not necessary should be put away. Only the important ones should be kept near and ready.

Selecting the Car Engine

When starting to build a rat rod, it is essential to get the most powerful engine as possible. Its looks should not be of too much concern and there is no need to worry about it. The focus should be on getting the largest one that can fit in the car. There is option to buy a brand new one. However, there are shops that sell rebuilt and second hand engines. They should not be underestimated because most of the second hand engines are very good.

As the horsepower is concerned, the engine is important so go to a shop or junk yard to find a big one as possible. When the engine has been acquired, it has to be mounted on the car chassis.

Installing the Other Components

When the above mentioned tasks have been completed, now the other components of the car have to be added. The basic ones are the steering wheel, batteries, clutch, transmission etc. As the objective for building the rat rod is speed, it should be kept as simple as possible. Only those components should be added that will generate plenty of speed as possible. This means to get the most powerful and lightest parts which are possible to acquire.

The other seats and center consoles have to be taken out. Only the brakes and other important components have to be left. Some of them maybe taken out and replaced with new parts if desired. Leave only one seat unless you will be racing with someone.

Safety Measures

It has to be ensured that the seat belts are properly functioning. They should be tried to check how well they fit. It is also advisable to build a roll cage. Most people building a rat rod are now using this apparatus. The possible reason is because it keeps them fastened in the vehicle in case of any accident.

For extra safety, it is also good to include glass windows. Other additional features are harness system and padding and it is worth to invest in them.

The Paint work

A glamorous and attractive look can be given to personality of the rat rod by painting it. The color which is liked by many drivers is black. However there are many other colors to choose from as desired. A theme or a single dominant color can be picked. One can choose from a variety because you will be riding it.

Additional tips and significant Information

For the terrain and weather conditions, only right type of tires should be selected. Some tires have the best ability for driving in wet and rainy weather while others are good for driving in dry conditions. Before finally racing, it is better to perform at least few hours test driving.

When the process of building the rat rod has been completed, take it out to have a spin. Every hour and time which is put into it will surely pay back as you will speed and race down the track.

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