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How To Make Hair Bows

Hair bows are used by people to convey their fashion intellect. These simple and very gorgeous style accessories look good on both young girls and adult women. By learning to make hair bows, one can look fashionably cool and good whenever needed. It is not very difficult to make and can be used in ordinary days and also on special occasions.

Things Needed

Different ways can be used for learning the art of making hair bows. A ribbon is the widely used and cheapest materials for creating such beautiful fashion accessory. As an alternative, either a hair band or a headband can also be used. Another good option as a replacement for the above mentioned items is a barrette. Additionally, some glue might also be needed in case of making things stick.

Hair Bow How To Make Hair BowsProcedure

Many types of hair bows making techniques are available. Use of a ribbon is one of them. For this type of material, the important point to that should not be forgotten is to make a stylish and firm knot. First step is to pick a good color that matches in perfectly complement with the color of skin. Some of good looking colors are baby pink and baby blue. For using this, assemble hair in the center of the part of the head. Use the ribbon for tying a knot in the hair. A secure and nice knot will be good enough for the work.

Using a ribbon with loops is the other way of doing this. Hands can be used for making two loops with the ribbon. Hair should be put in between these loops and then can be overlapped on the other. A simple knot can be used for holding them together. Once the desired length is held together in the ribbon, it should be tightly secured so that it stay and not fall off. These loops look very cute, feminine and highly good-looking.

A headband is also good looking as a fashion accessory. For doing this, the ribbon has to be positioned all along the hairline. The ends of the ribbon should be on the top of head. The hair has to be held in place by making a knot on top of it. After a tight and simple knot, make the ribbon by forming loops on top of the knot. The loops can be adjusted according to favored sizes. Hair bows are also available in the form of barrette. Those who wish to try this one, the accessory should be positioned right at the center of the head.

Extra tips and related information

Besides the ordinary ribbons, other materials can also be used by people as their bows, for example, satin and silk which are famous for their classy and stylish texture and appearances. The disadvantage of such materials is that they are more costly items as compared to items like ribbons. For having knowledge of different varieties, in this modern era internet is the best facility to find loads of styles. It is worth a try for style loving fans.

How To Cut A Faux Hawk

A faux hawk cut is more appealing and better looking as compared to the Mohawk hairstyle. In addition, it is easy to carry on different occasions and gives a fashionable looks. It is sported on the runway by many fashion models. Basically, it gives a classy and edgy look which is perfect for those with bold personalities and characters. Those who wish to know how a faux hawk cut is done, this kind of hairstyle is fairly easy to make and takes little time to complete.

Things Needed

Only few simple things are needed for this task. A styling gel is very important in holding the style of hair in place. If none is available then other kinds of hair preparations such as styling wax or paste can also be used. Furthermore, a hair brush and a regular comb can be used for styling. During some points of the haircut, a hair spray might also be needed particularly when styling the hair.

Faux Hawk How To Cut A Faux Hawk


  • A faux hawk cut is suitable to people with long and short hair, it is also applicable for individuals who have long hair. It is not like a Mohawk cut that requires shaving on the sides. Instead, cutting and trimming is only done in small parts of hair at the sides of the head. Those who want to have this unique kind of haircut of having hair that is soft and fine is really a good advantage.
  • Take some styling gel and apply a significant quantity at the sides of the head. With the help of fingertips, comb and scatter the styling product. This will hold the hairdo at the sides. A most important step is not to be forgotten. It will give enough character as well as style to the hair.
  • After finishing the sides, a hair brush can be used to make a ponytail. At least 2/3 of the hair can be used on top to make the ponytail. The edges of the hair will fall down in front of the face and create a hairline at some point in the forehead. At the back of the ponytail, the bottom parts of the top hair can be used to form a second ponytail.
  • When the ponytails have been made, use a comb with fine bristles to form a volume of hair in front. This step is also important because it will give a quite visible high look to the hairdo. The edges of the front hair have to be brushed to make them look backwards. For ensuring that the standing hair don’t fall down, some bobby pins can be used to hold the hairdo.
  • Once the hairstyle is set, its form can be strengthened by reinforcing it with a strong hold kind of hairspray. A mirror can be used for checking each part of the hairdo. The upper part, the front and the back can be looked at for checking if any more enhancements are needed. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for punk clothing or rock and roll fans. It is definitely worth a try for style loving enthusiasts.

How To Cut Hair

Practice of haircut can be doe at the comforts of one’s home. Family members can cut hair of each other. This particular practice is helpful in saving a pretty amount of money of the entire family. Instead of going to the hair salons and spending on haircuts, it will be a good idea to learn the art of haircut and apply this skill on one another. This can save a handsome amount of money, time and hassle of going out for doing such simple thing.

Things Needed

The primary tool for cutting hair is of course a good pair of scissors. Similarly, a mirror has to be set in place, a big one will be better to have a good overview and control of the haircut. A spray bottle will be required and is of great help to dampen relatively dry hair while doing the cutting.

Cut Hair1 How To Cut Hair


  • The person who needs the haircut has to be seated in front of the huge mirror. The one mounted on the wall is more preferred. A regular comb has to be used to straighten the hair and loosen the knotted hair stands. By doing this step, this will help the person to see how long they must cut the hair. Some water can be sprayed until it becomes damp. This is important for those persons who have dry and curly hair, it will make cutting a lot easier.
  • To divide the hair in various parts, use horizontal sections. A clip can be used to help separate one part from the other. Start cutting from the part which is nearest to the base of the neck. When that part is done, remove the clip and then start cutting slowly and surely through the hair. This step requires calmness so doing it in a hurry is not recommended. First, cut through the ends of the hair slowly until a desired length is achieved for the entire layer.
  • Around 1/8 of an inch is the recommended size of every cut. Using a good pair of scissors will give much needed control in cutting the hair. The first cut of layer should be used as a reference for the following layers to cut. Same process has to be repeated for each layer. Continue cutting until a desired length for every layer is achieved. When it comes to the length and thickness of the hair, be sure to ask the preferences of the person. Make sure that the length of the entire hair is even. Uneven parts can be made even by combing. Now style can be given to the hair.

Extra tips and related information

Proper lighting is important when doing a haircut. Bigger mirrors are recommended by hairstylists for better control of the whole cutting process. Before starting the hair cut, ensure that the scissors are sharp for giving better performance. Do the haircut slowly to prevent unintentional cuts especially at the areas around ears. It is worth to try at home.

How To Cut Your Own Hair

One can enjoy many advantages just by learning to cut one’s own hair. This particular skill can be done even at the home instead of wasting money valuable time on beauty salons. Besides saving money, time and effort to go to the hair experts, doing this task offers a perfect opportunity to people to cut their hair the way they desire.

Things Needed

There is really no need to go out of your house when you know how to cut your hair. The primary tool for cutting hair is of course scissors. Work will get much easier if salon scissors are available. This type of tool is light, sharp and can be easily held in the hands. In addition, a spray bottle with water is also needed. In the end, a towel or clean drop cloth is required to remove loose hairs form the cutting progress.

Cut Own Hair How To Cut Your Own Hair


  • Before cutting, the hairs have to be washed and dried with towel. If the hair is very dry for cutting then it can be sprayed and made wet with the spray bottle. Use it a little till it gets easier to cut. A regular comb can be used to straightening the hairs. Before starting the hair, the look of the hair afterward should be kept in mind first. Two possible options are available. Hairs can be trimmed a little bit or the entire look can be changed radically.
  • Once it is decided, slowly start cutting through the hair. This will be much easier and better with a big mirror in front. This will give a better outlook of the overall appearance. Similarly it will also help in giving a good control of the hair with the help of this tool. Bit by bit, fingers have to be used to make the make the hairs straight for cutting. This step must not be done in a rush to avoid disappointment with possible results.
  • The hairs have to be checked after every trim of the scissors. The same amount of hair has to be removed from both sides. Furthermore, cutting should always be done in straight and even line which is essential to achieve a better balanced look in the end. One part should be finished before moving to the next one. To be sure how the hair look from the back, an extra mirror would have to be used to reflect your image at the back with the help of the bigger mirror.

Extra tips and related information

When doing for the first time, don’t expect perfect results. Similar in other things, this work takes practice and time to master. In case wring hairs are cut, don’t worry a lot because they will grow back after some time. Being calm and relaxed is important while doing the haircut. Mistakes are possible for people who get easily nervous when doing some tasks. One the haircut is done, styling products like gel or wash can be applied to highlight your new look. It is worth to try at home.

How To Cut A Mohawk

One of the most stylish hairstyles in the world is Mohawk. It has passed through time and has existed since a long time. This type of haircut is perfectly suitable for people with unique and strong personalities. It gives a nice look with ordinary fashion sense to people. Those who prefer to look trendy and cool, this one will definitely give a stand out look in the crowd. Nowadays, not only teenagers adopt this fashion but adults and children also.

Things Needed

It is fairly quite simple to learn cutting a Mohawk. The things needed for this task are also not very difficult to find, you will need;

  • Sharp scissors
  • Hair clippers
  • A nice clean towel for draping
  • Comb for styling the hair
  • Some hair clips to separate some hair parts from others

Cut Mohawk How To Cut A Mohawk


  • Good seating of a person is important before starting the hair cut. The individual should be seated in a convenient, relaxing and comfortable position because the hair cutting duration may take at least half an hour. For facilitating the cutting process, the individual has to be seated in a level that makes it easy for the cutter to see the hair. When this is achieved, take a clean towel and place it on the individual’s shoulder as this will prevent loose hair from going into the neck part.
  • Don’t start cutting the hair right away. It should be first determined what parts have to be cut and what has to be left behind. The person should be asked about the preferred length of the Mohawk cut which he desires. When this part has been decided, hair clips should be used to separate the hair and remove from the parts to be left behind. This is primarily a clean cut on the sides while the middle part of the head has long hair.
  • Hair clippers can be used to cut the hair on the side. The desired cut for the sides can usually differ so it is important to ask about the desired length. Once the desired length is known, start slowly cutting through the hair but don’t rush in this step. Hair experts say that the average hair length for the side of a Mohawk cut is about 3/8-inch to ½-inch. The hair clippers have to be run twice on each part and scissors can be used to cut the stray hair.
  • When the both sides have been cut, the hair clip from the hair at the center can be removed. The preferred length of the Mohawk can now be determined. Comb can be used to put the hair is steady position and then the excess length can be cut. It is important for the length to be even from the front towards the back of the head. A styling gel or other hair preparations can be used to give style to the cut. Finally, when the task has been completed, the towel can be removed from the shoulders and the loose hair can be dusted off.
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