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How to Drift – Tips and Techniques

Driving a car and drifting a car are two separate things. And while driving comes almost naturally with very few efforts, drifting is a driving technique that requires practice and skills. Basically drifting is when the car slides at an angle and its side moves along the turn.

Find a safe place

First thing to know before starting to practice drifting is that you must find a safe place with enough of space where to try this technique. It is better for you that there are no policemen in close proximity. The second thing is that the car you are about to use has a manual transmission but also a rear-wheel-drive. You should choose a powerful car in order that it is able to perform the spinning.

Master hand brake technique

You have to master a hand brake technique. First you accelerate and move into a gear. You need a space to rev. In order to be more flexible when choosing the speed, you need the second gear. It also helps the harnessing of the engine’s torque. Now you have to push in the clutch. Next, flick the steering wheel to the inside just as if you are going to turn around it and simultaneously pull the hand break. Fast press the gas pedal, leave the clutch and lead the car in direction of the slide. In order to control the drift angle, you must use the throttle.

Drifting How to Drift   Tips and Techniques

Use of throttles

The more throttles you use, the more the car will be turning and moving away from the center of the turn. Respectively, if you use less throttle, the angle will be reduced and the car will steer to the inside of the turn more flexibly.

Useful hints

Basically this is what you need to know in order to learn how to drift.  Other useful hints could be that you start your drifting practice when it is raining because you will be doing this much slower when it rains. Though it is good to experience drifting under different conditions, I consider it dangerous such practice to be performed by beginners when it rains. Driving when it rains is quite dangerous, not to mention the drifting.

Drifting could be dangerous

It is important that you keep in mind that regardless how fun the drifting might seem to you, it is something very difficult and requires big experience and fast reactions. Performed on the road, drifting is very risky not only for you but also for the other people involved in the traffic.

Real life vs. Watch drift racing on TV

There are professional drifting racings which you surely will enjoy watching. There is no need that you necessarily perform in order to enjoy. And remember, there are special roads and cars for the racings. Out there in real life things are different. Even Michael Schumacher had to understand that when he drove with nearly 200 km/hour in order to get to an airport. Regardless of the fact that he has been so many times a world champion, he got sanctioned as the low is for everybody. So, don’t cross the line. If you do want to drift, do it cleverly and as according to the rules.

How to Drive in Heavy Rain

We are very accustomed to our cars. First thing we do each morning after we go out is to jump into the car, drive the kids to school, drive to the office or drive anywhere at all. The last thing of the working day about which we are dreaming since the early hours is to park the car and go home. That means that we are spending a significant part of our lives in the car, so we have to make it as comfortable as possible.

Stay Calm

There are tricks how to not get pissed off when you fall into a traffic jam. Here we will talk about another challenge we are facing when we drive. We will talk of heavy rains and how to drive most safely in unfriendly environmental conditions. It happens often, especially during the spring and the autumn that it’s raining cats and dogs and still, we must drive to the office. What should we be conscious about in such cases?

Driving in the Rain How to Drive in Heavy Rain

Check fog lights

The first thing we should be certain of is to check if our foglights are on. The effect is much better when the high beams are off. If you are using bright lights they will reflect in the drops of water and you will see worst. You may also follow the lights of the vehicle in front of you but do not approach it. Keep a safe distance. Remember that when it’s wet, it takes longer to stop the car if an emergency case occurs.

Be Careful

Practically, you should be aware that there is more than meets the eye when it rains heavily. If there is a large puddle in front of the car, better drive round it as you have no idea what could be there in the bottom – there might be a deep hole and your front wheels might get stacked in it, or there might be something sharp beneath the water which will double your “pleasure” in the rain – it will make you not only drive but change a tire. So be careful and avoid all that you cannot see clearly. Also you have to avoid the extra-large automotives. Sometimes when they are close to you, the water splashed on your window from their tires will make you feel as blind for a while. And sometimes even one moment counts.

Trust Yourself

Last but not least, trust yourself. You have to be confident that you will manage to deal with the situation. Panic is a very bad adviser. When you panic, you stop thinking. You are just as at an exam in the university when you have forgotten all about the topic you are questioned about. If you give in to panic, you are helpless. You will not be able to take the necessary decisions and drive safely home. And we do not want that, do we? So, even if you are scared a little, get mobilized, switch on the appropriate lighting, hold firmly the steering wheel and stare with all the eyes you have. Take your time. Do not hurry. Just do these simple steps and you’ll be fine.

How to Change Your Truck Brake Rotors

If you do have a truck then you probably know to hang your truck brake rotors but if your truck has some sort of anti-lock brakes then you are going to need to know how to change your truck brake rotors  but it isn’t something to worry about its easy to do.


  • Rags
  • Cleaning alcohol
  • Wrench
  • Jack
  • Truck brake rotors

Truck Brake Rotors How to Change Your Truck Brake Rotors

    Your first step will be to park your truck in your garage or in an open area which can be safe for you to work as well as being on level and even ground also.  You are going to need to elevate the truck up to start your work so you are going to need your jack at the use to elevate the truck.

    You are going to need to locate your wheel and then loosen your wheel lugs but remember that the truck should remained very supportive, that the jack has to remain in position and steady of course.

    Your second step will be to disassemble each part of the car; only for the parts which are preventing you getting to the rotor itself.  You are going to know which parts you are going to take out so you could reach your truck brake rotor; you might need a wrench to remove some of the parts in the car.

    Your third step will be to remove the rotor; if you have removed all of the cars parts then you should find your rotor.  You will have to remove the brake caliper and other things to get to your rotors however.  Be careful when you are removing all of the parts however because you don’t want to hurt yourself; you don’t want to keep the parts out in the sun or on the ground, you should try to store them in a cool, dry place which won’t get any dirt on them.  Getting dirt on your wheel bearings may lead to contamination and if they do get contaminated then you might have to replace the wheel bearings.

    Your fourth step is going to be cleaning and matting your surface of your car.  You will need to clean your car; get rid of any dirt or dust that has found its way into your car should be vital because you are going to have to think about the parts of the car.  You need your rotor to work properly but it might not if there is a collection of dirt and dust in your car, it is the same with your brakes, if you don’t regularly check and keep the brakes clean then you might find they don’t work as how they should.

    Your fifth step will be to install your new rotor; now to install your new rotor is actually quite easy once you know how to do it.  You just need to take out the old rotor from your car and then replace with the new rotor.  The only problem that you might have is remembering where the other parts go when you are trying to put them back in so even taking down a note or two as to which order and where they go could help you.

    Your sixth steps is going to put everything back to where it was originally; now you are going to have to put your wheel back into its place and then your wheel lugs also.  Remember you have to be sure that your wheel lugs are tight enough so that they don’t fly off when you drive your car; so checking that they are in securely in is best before you test drive your car.

    Your seventh step is to test drive your brakes; you really do want to take your truck out for a test drive so that you can be sure that your brakes are perfectly working but remember try to do this in open country and not on any of the busy roads.

    Your eighth step is going to be your rear truck brake rotor; if you do need to change your rear rotor then you are going to really do the same as the front procedure.  This too is a simple procedure to follow however so you don’t need to get a professional in because you now know how to do it yourself.

    Your ninth step is going to be to make sure of everything that you have done so far, making sure that you have jacked the car up properly and that everything is secure enough when you are placing the old parts.

    Truck Brake Rotors 1 How to Change Your Truck Brake Rotors

    The tenth step will be to look over all of your parts in the truck; you need to make sure that everything is in good working order and that nothing has began to rust.  Checking on the brake pads is a good idea to do just to make sure that you are going to need to change any of the parts.

    The eleventh step you should try will be to test drive your truck; now make sure you have done all of your cleaning first though and have taken out all old part and put the new parts in before you take it out for a drive.  This will be done so that you know that everything is working and in good working order also.

    Your final step isn’t really a step but rather just a good tip to try when it comes to your truck; you should get some alcohol when it comes to cleaning your new rotor, it would be the best thing to do before you install your new rotor.

    How to Build a Trailer

    Some of us would like the idea of building our own trailer and we all know how difficult it is. With some simple tips I have, we can assemble our own trailer putting up in a small amount of money that is if you’re willing to pull all your stuff.

    Materials You’ll Need

    • A base trailer
    • Power drill
    • 16pcs of L Brackets
    • A 2×4 plywood
    • Some wirings
    • Lights of a trailer

    how to build a trailer How to Build a Trailer

    How to Build a Trailer

    1. You need all those materials and make sure to have them laid out so you’ll know that you have all you needed. Check all the measurements of all wood pieces and be sure that all of the sizes are fit together. Mainly, you may have to measure its length of a trailer you want and measure the width as well. Keep in mind, that you are only making a simple trailer with a wide open top.
    2. Start putting those pieces together. Then you need to have the plywood ready as your baseboards. You need a bolt to its metal parts which is to be connected unto to your base trailer. For your width-wise trailer, you may need some metal rods, this will serve as the support for your baseboards. So when you install it, it will be very easy for you to attach it. When they are all bolted together, then its easy for you to proceed to the next procedure.
    3. Then you can now add the sides of your trailer by using the screwdriver so that it will be easy for you hold on to its side boards. Use the L brackets so that it will connect the end of your sidewalls and your baseboard. It will avoid from falling off and it will add security to the trailer. When your making a basic trailer all you need is just 5inches for the side boards.
    4. Then you may need to connect together all the walls of your trailer by using the L brackets. And just the same connect them on each end to one of the sideboards. So it will secure the baseboards to as well as to the board.
      Check if the sides are all tight and good. Once its been put together, be sure that it is all tight so that things won’t be ruin and won’t fall out. In a few months time, you may have to make sure that you tighten them together but think again its inexpensive and a lot more cheaper than buying a new one.
    5. Lastly, you can now add the lights inside its the last thing that you need to do. Its so easy, just attach the lights on the back of your trailer so that people can see it. Then attach the wire to the generic wiring and you may then plug it right into your trailer light hook it up when you are going to use them. Just easy as 1-2-3. And one tip is to make sure you have enough space for your trailer to pull and turn on the cords out of the harness or else you will be stuck.

    How to Remove a Car’s Pinstriping

    Lucky charm does not favor everyone and he/she cannot possess a new scintillating car. A majority of people have to satisfy with used cars. There is possibility that we may come across some fascinating used cars, which are on sale at affordable prices. However, the problem with most of the used cars is that they have stickers, which the users stick as a memorabilia. You have to remove these stickers in order to make the car yours.

    How to Remove a Cars Pinstriping How to Remove a Cars Pinstriping

    Steps to remove a car’s pinstriping

    1. It is the patience, which you require the most while pinstriping the car. You need to have all the necessary things in order to avoid problems in the future. Purchasing a decal car remover from the local car accessory shop may be a good idea. If you do not get it, then there is no need to panic and run to every shop in search, as there are other options available in the market. Get some rags, scrubbing pads and micro fiber cloth in order to continue with the cleaning process. You can finish off the task easily by getting car wax. Get a hair dryer, as this may come handy if you require some priming.
    2. You need to ascertain different methods of pinstriping before finalizing with a method. If you notice that pinstripe is peeling, then you just need a sticker remover bottle and some rags for cleaning the car. However, if the pinstripe does not show any sign of removal, then you need to carry on with further steps.
    3. Initially, you need to heat the pinstripes with hair dryer. You need to avoid getting too close to the paint, as this potentially damages it and increases your expenses.
    4. Spray the pinstripe cleaner at the initial stages and use a plastic scrapper for rubbing edges of pinstripes. Again, you need to take care of the paint, as this can spoil the paint.
    5. You need to rub the pinstripe to the extent that you can remove or peel off the sticker with your hands. If there is need to spray, then use it, otherwise you need to avoid spraying repeatedly, as your car’s paint is at risk.
    6. Wash and wax the area covered with pinstripe, as many times, some remnants stay on the edges of the car. If the paint of the car is old, then you need to go for repaint.


    • You may require a spray, scrubber and a wax can for pinstriping your car.


    • Avoid overheating of surface, which is going to remain under the sun for the entire day.
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