How to Write a Cover Letter

When you are applying for a new job, in most cases you will be asked to provide a cover letter. Each employer would be interested to go beyond the formal facts written in your resume and most of all understand why you are applying for this position on the first place and also, why do you think you are suitable for the position. Sometimes you might be asked to provide your plusses – what you do best. In all cases, you have to write the cover letter carefully and pay attention that it answers the requirements written in the job posting.

Why Cover Letter is So Important?

You have to have in mind that the cover letter is the key to the interview. If the employer likes your cover letter, it is very likely that you proceed to the next step, which is the interview. Without an interview there is no chance that you will be hired. Without a cover letter, most likely there is no interview. Therefore you have to write it correctly. Make the best out of it.

Structure of the Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is not that difficult. There are some principals to be observed, that is all. Cover letter is aligned to the left. On top of it there should be your address and the date. Below them come the name, company and address of he employer.

Writing How to Write a Cover Letter

The body of the letter starts with a general greeting. It is followed by a paragraph in which you are explaining to the employer why you are applying to this job.  It is good to show some knowledge of the company and of the requirements for the position you are applying for.

In the next paragraph you have to convince the employer that you are the best person for this position. Here you have to forget about all modesty and count up your qualifications relevant to the job. This part of the cover letter is usually the longest one, however, in order to make good impression do not make it longer then two paragraphs. According to standards, the cover letter should not exceed one page.

In the final paragraph you usually list the documents you are applying, thank the employer for the time he devoted to your application and mention that you will be looking for a feedback in a couple of days. At the end comes the salutation which also formal.

Don’t forget to spell check your cover letter. It should be errors free as otherwise you may never proceed to the interview.

As you saw, writing a cover letter requires being attentive to the detail and follow the guidelines. You have to be very precise and exact in what you are writing thus saving your eventual future employer a lot of time and fit of nerves. The simplest you write it, the better result. And don’t forget to look for some samples of cover letters in the Internet. It always helps.

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