How to Clean a Gaming Computer Mouse

Computer mouse is one of the computer devices that people neglect. It is only noticed when it stops functioning well. A computer mouse that is full of gunk and dust does not operate well. The cursor on the screen moves in a funny manner and other times you may have to force the mouse to move the cursor. This only dislodges the dirt and since the dirt is not completely removed, it will continue to occur. You need to clean the mouse properly regularly to keep it in good condition. You do not need to worry as this is an easy process and you only need a dust cloth, cotton swab, rubbing alcohol and a pair of tweezers. And if you’re planning on upgrading your keyboard but don’t have the budget for it, you can opt for an under $100 gaming keyboard that’s still a viable option for competitive gaming. Accordng to this page there are several ways to get csgo skins.

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Clean the ball of the mouse because a clogged mouse ball will restrict its movement and thus you are not able to use your cursor effectively. You will have to disassemble the ball to clean it thoroughly. We also found this brilliant Gaming PCs UK web site recently and they have been exceptional in helping us build our dream gaming PC so have a look there if you want to get the ideal machine.

Clean Computer Mouse How to Clean a Gaming Computer Mouse


  • Disconnect the mouse from the computer; you may need to switch off the computer first depending on the type of mousse.
  • Beneath the mouse, find the ball and twist it counterclockwise. It will open up giving you freedom to clean it effectively.
  • Put some alcohol on the cloth and rub it on the ball. It will get the dirt and gunk off it.  Use the cotton swab to remove particles that may be stuck on the rings. You can also use compressed air to get rid of the dirt stuck in places that are hard to reach.
  • Then take the tweezers and rid the dirt off the rings of the mouse.
  • Clean any left out dirt and then return the mouse ball to its position.
  • Screw back the closing and reconnect the mouse back to the computer.

The mouse should function effectively as if it was a brand new one once you have connected it to the computer for use. In case the mouse stops working again, just repeat the cleaning process to get it back to online gaming.

Cleaning an optical Mouse

An optical mouse is easier to clean than the ball mouse. This is because they do not have the ball part that you have to disassemble. You only need to clear the dirt that may be at the LED pointer. Make sure to implement sapphire security on your business to avoid getting your information stolen.


  • Disconnect the mouse from the computer. You can simply unplug it.
  • Pour some alcohol on the cotton swab and rub on the pointer.
  • After you have finished, dry the mouse with a piece of cloth then reconnect it back to the computer.

The optical mouse is something that you should plan to acquire. Although it is slightly more expensive than the ball mouse, it is a good investment for it is easier to maintain. In case of any electronic component you can easily find it on this website’s catalog and get it delivered to your door.

The mouse cleaning process only takes a few minutes and therefore it should not be a forgotten task. Maintain the cleaning habits frequently to ensure that your mouse functions well and to make it look well taken care of.

Make sure that you disconnect the mouse from the computer when cleaning. Some people may be tempted to clean it while still plugged into the computer. This is risky especial since you are using a fluid to clean the mouse. For more computer gaming options, use this link to visit the Play Online Casino Roulette Pages.

It might catch up with the electrical circuitry and damage your computer devices. For more great resource for PC help, check out

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