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How to Repair Bathroom Vents

When you have your bathroom vent in place then these help stop the bacteria growing in the room stopping mould from forming meaning that when you use your shower then the moisture is taken out of the room stopping the buildup of mould from forming.  If you find that your unit doesn’t work then here are a few hints as to how you could fix your unit.

You are going to need a few things first; a ladder to reach your unit but make sure this is not big or small so that you are towering over your unit or even struggling to reach it.  Your voltage tester so that you know if there are any live wires on; your screwdriver to remove your vent cover and of course your new motor.

Bathroom Vents How to Repair Bathroom Vents

You need to start off by knowing if there is any power going into your vent; you can do this when you see your vent is not working at all.  You could have a fault with your electricity to the vent so if your vent is connected to your light switch also then test that out to see what is the problem, it could be a fuse has blown which can be fixed easily or it could be something else.

If you find that your switch is not connected to your light then you need to start with your switch and removing the cover that is over your switch.  Take out the two screws that keep it in place and then you will see your wiring inside.  You could see if everything looks fine and is connected properly and if you think it is then take your voltage meter and see if you have any power at all.

Next you need to take out your old motor; you need to make sure that there is no power going into your vent or it is connected to any power source because you could find yourself getting a nasty shock.  So you need to remove your protect plate first to get to your motor, this will be held in place with some screws usually so these are easy to remove.

You need to know the make of your motor to get your replacement.

Now you are going to have to put in your motor.  This is easy to do, how you have removed your old motor will be reversed so your plate is removed and your wheel blower has also been removed also revealing your motor.  Now you can put your motor in, replace your wheel blower and your plate.

You can check to see if the unit is working now or not.

Before you do so however you might want to think about cleaning the vent out since you have got the cover open; there is probably a lot of dust there so you can easily clean that out with a cloth or even a vacuum cleaner.  You need to wash and dry everything properly before you replace your cover onto your vent.

Now if you have tested your bathroom vent after putting in a new motor and it is still not working then the problem has not been with your motor.  It could be something to do with your exhaust pipe; so you are going to have to check this out.

Your exhaust pipe is what helps take out the air from your room and out of the home, so it might not be actually connected so you might have to make sure it is and then look for any type of rips or tears in the pipe.  If there are you need to repair this and then see if the fan works now.

How to Repair Exhaust Fans

Many of us have these exhaust fans in their homes because they can really help us and our homes greatly when they have been installed correctly.  These fans helps keep the air in our homes cleaner and the ventilated better without one of these in our bathrooms and kitchens but these do work great in the bathroom however.

If you find that there are no noises when you fan is on then your unit is working great but if you find that there are a lot of noises then you should think or rather know that you have problems with your unit.

If you do feel that you have some repair work needed to be done then here are a few things which you can look out for and know to help you repair your exhaust fan.

Repair Exhaust Fans How to Repair Exhaust Fans

Now you won’t find anything out by just staring the unit itself you are going to have to look inside.  So you need to remove your cover; this is easy to do however because your grilles or covers will be held into place with either a clip or screw which either are easy to remove.  You might need your screwdriver for this part however.

If you are working near your light in your bathroom then switch off the power and light because you might need to remove the bulb to look at any problems and if it is not then you will find it is hot and will burn yourself and getting burnt on a light bulb is a very serious and painful thing to happen so please be careful.

A lot of the times it is a problem with your motor in the unit which is causing all of the problems so if it is then you are going to have to replace the old motor with a new motor so you are going to have to follow a few steps first.

  • Your motor works by electricity and therefore is going to be plugged into your housing box which will need to be detached.  Your motor should be removed from your box by removing any of the electrical wires keeping that in place.
  • You need to take out your fan housing box because it will probably be a little dirty and will need cleaned out properly so take some time and clean this out.
  • You should find the model or serial number of your fan which should be helpful with you when it comes to finding out about getting a new one.  It could say where you should be going to get your new motor.
  • When you buy your new motor which should be from an electrical or home improvement store then you can take home and start to install the new one.
  • You will need to put your housing box back into place so that you can attach your new motor to it with the wiring that needs to be done.  Your plug will also have to be attached to this fan housing box also.
  • You put your motor into where the original stood and now you can put your grille back into place and test out the exhaust fan to make sure that it is working again.

Repair Exhaust Fans 1 How to Repair Exhaust Fans

When it comes to taking some precautions when you have your exhaust fans then there could be a few to take in to consideration because these are sensitive things when you really know these.  They were made to be that way so you should know a few things.

When you are going to repair your unit then you always have to have some form of safety items; now these should be to protect your eyes so goggles would be the most appropriate things to have so that if there is any debris falling down while you work, you won’t get any into your eyes.

The next thing you should know is that before you even think about doing any repair work then it should be that all of the power to the room and for safety to your home is off so that you don’t have any kinds of accidents in your home either to you or anyone else in your home.

How to Repair the Water Pump in an Evaporative Fan

When you have an evaporative fan in a room then you should realise that this is one way in which you could help save a lot of energy and be an earth friendly thing to use in your home.  This is something which is going to save yourself a lot of money as well as cutting down on a lot of electric bills because these aren’t like your normal air conditioning systems today.

Your evaporative fans are really a swamp cooler but this is their proper title however; this takes use of a water supply with a reservoir so that it use that to help bring air into your home instead of electricity with it generating air into a home.

Repair Water Pump How to Repair the Water Pump in an Evaporative Fan

If you find that you have problems with your unit then you might have to carry out some repair works.

What you are required to purchase;

  • Filter basket
  • New pump hose
  • Bleed tee, Bleed tee cap and Bleed line
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • New water pump
  • Pump hose clamps

Your first step is to know what is exactly wrong with your unit; so you need to get access to the inside of the fan.  You need to remove your panel at the side of your evaporative fan so that you get to your water pump.  Your pump should be on and when it is then you will have to remove your hose to see if there are any problems with that hose.

Your second step will be to turn off all power to your unit so that you are going to be working with electricity so you need to switch all power off first.  You also need to unplug the fan also so that you don’t get injured working with the unit because you could get injured trying to repair your water pump if the electricity is still active.

Your third step will be to take out your hose clamp; take your pliers to your edge of your hose clamps.  You need to keep on moving these clamps unit you can remove your clamps out from the hose itself.  Now you can remove your bleed line and you should see it going through to your roof; you should know that this is going to be around the bleed tee and almost a quarter of an inch long.

Now you can put your new water pump in; to finish off repairing your evaporative fan then you will need to put your new water pump into the fan.  You will need to put this to your evaporative fan to your tee; your bleed tee will need to be connected to your pump with the other end attached to your water distributor.  Now all of the other parts can be put back into the right order in which you removed them.

You can turn the power back on as well as the plug back into place and then test to see if your repairs have done any good or not.

How to Replace a Cooling Thermostat

A lot of people have a cooling thermostat in their homes because it helps them keep track of what the temperature in our homes really are and they can be a really good tool to have but there are some times when you will get some problems with your cooling thermostat.

Sometimes it can be that when you have problems with your thermostat then you are going to have to see what you can do to get it working again, either fixing or even most of the times replacing the actual thermostat.  When that happens then it really is hard to do and get your head around because not everyone will know how this unit works and how you really should be removing this and replacing the old one with a new one.  If you do your installation wrong then you are going to have to do a lot of correcting when it comes to your thermostat and if you get it wrong then you are going to have a lot of trouble.

Replace Cooling Thermostat How to Replace a Cooling Thermostat

You could do a lot of damage to your unit so if you really are unsure about this then call in a professional but if you think you could handle the process then read on and understand these few steps to help you with replacing the cooling thermostat.

What different materials and tools that you are going to need;

  • Masking tape
  • Plastic anchors
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Replacement Thermostat
  • Wire cutters
  • Screws
  • Spirit level

Your first step will be to prepare for your work; so start by switching your power supply off first and then make sure the thermostat is also disconnected.  You will need to look for your off switch which instructs you if the thermostat is off or not; you need all power cut to your unit especially the thermostat.  You might have to look for your circuit breaker which supplies all the power into the room and disconnect from there; you don’t want any live electricity flowing through your unit.

Your second step will be to take out your old thermostat; now this is simple to do however because you are going to have to remove your screws in that thermostat and taking it off from your thermostat plate.  There will be wires connecting to your old thermostat so you are going to have to remove them first to remove the thermostat first.

Now you will have to install your thermostat; all of your wires connecting the thermostat should be done correctly to your thermostat mounting plate.  Now wiring them is very tricky thing to do perhaps especially when you are working with electrical; you need to put your green wires to your green plug then to your yellow and red wires the same.  If you are unsure about any wiring issues then you should think about getting someone who really knows what they are doing with electricity.
Your last step will be to finish your installation; you have to put your wires into place to connect to the thermostat to your unit.  You need to make sure that your thermostat is secure which will usually be a few screws; if you don’t install this right then you will probably have to reinstall the thermostat again.

You need to put your spirit level in carefully so be careful.

How to Replace a Dryer Vent

If you find that your dryer vent isn’t working as it should be then it could mean that your clothes are taking twice as long to dry than normal then you should think about replacing the old one if you have tried repairing the dryer vent.  A lot of the problems can be that the vent has became blocked with lint which could even damage some or even most parts of your dryer vent meaning that you have to replace the whole unit.  Here is what you are going to need and what you need to know to replace your dryer vent.

What you need to get;

  • Tin snips
  • Metal duct collar
  • Vacuum
  • Exterior Dryer vent

Replace Dryer Vent How to Replace a Dryer Vent

  • Measuring tape
  • Silicone caulk and caulking gun
  • Foil Tape
  • Metal screws
  • Dryer Vent hose
  • Electric drill

Your first step – to inspect your vent

You should know that your ventilation hose is connected to your outside wall of your home.  You need to search all parts of the vent from your outside wall to the hose so that you can see if there is anything damage to the hose; if there is then you are going to have to replace the part.  You need to know all the right measurements of the hose so that you know if you need to replace that then you can get the right sized hose.

Second step – taking out the old vent

You have got all of your new parts so now you can take out your dryer vent and disassemble it and put it into the bin.  You will need to take out your external vent but you need the collar for your new vent so remember to keep this.

You should clean out any lint that is in the dryer vent and you should think about cleaning this out often so that you can lessen the risk of a fire breaking out.

Third step – start your preparation of your new vent

You need to put your vent where your old one went and for the new screws you are going to have to install then you will need to use some screws so you need to mark out where they are going to be going.  You should get your metal collar cut down to size with some tin snips.

Fourth step – to install your vent

You are going to have to put your new collar into your dryer vent and putting your vent back into position again.  You will need to keep this in place with silicone caulk and as well as some screws also; you don’t want any leakages so you need to have the entire vent secured to the wall.

Last step – attaching your hose

To replace your dryer vent then you will need to reconnect your dryer to your exterior vent so that the air circulates back out of your home.  You are going to have to take away your old hose but this is quite easy to do you just need to pull it off from your dryer.

You are going to have to take your new hose which you bought earlier and put this back into your dryer.  You want to put this to your external vent but you need to keep this hose straight without bending it or twisting it otherwise you won’t have a good enough air circulation through.  You are going to have to put your collar and attach it to your dryer hose; you should keep these in place with the use of some metal clamps or even some duct tape.

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