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How to Care For Your Whole House Fan

Our homes have to be perfect, everyone knows that.  Whether you are a family household or just living by yourself, you know that your home can make up a part of your image and if it doesn’t look great then you don’t feel great.  We everything that we possibly can to try to make them a little more perfect; sometimes it can be the wallpaper and décor and sometimes it can are your air conditioning.  You don’t want a air condition unit that is no good, that cuts out and doesn’t cool down your rooms at all otherwise they are of no real use.  That is when you should get some type of air conditioning unit that is going to be perfect; some choose to get floor fans and some get a whole house fan.

When we do get a whole house fan some of us don’t think about the future for it or the responsibilities; the truth is we are going to have to keep this clean to make sure it works properly.  There are many things in which you can do to keep your whole house fan in proper working order so that you can use it whenever you need to and is going to last for years; you don’t want to keep on buying them every few months because they can rack up a hefty bill.

Whole House Fan How to Care For Your Whole House Fan

If you want your whole house fan to last long then you could try a few things; you should first know which one you really want to go for.  Which one is going to be more suitable for your home, and is going to keep it cool.  When you are picking one out then you need to know if there is going to be enough vent area in your attic because that can be important.

If you want to know how to look after your whole house fan then follow these few simple steps;

  • Cleaning the motor and the fan blades to the fan is important and should be done on a frequent base.  You need to keep the blades and motor clean because you are going to find that the dirt can build up and can often get a little greasy on the motor which if it has not been properly cleaned frequently then your fan is going to overheat.  Meaning that you are going to probably have to buy spare parts of a new fan altogether.
    • If you like to keep the speeds of the fan up high then try to lessen the pace because you only really want it on a high temperature if your home is warm so keeping it at a low temperature when your home is cool.  Especially at during the night time, you don’t need the fan operating on a high speed meaning you are going to be less disturbed by the noise of the fan also.
    • Checking your fan regularly is important because the belts are usually made of rubber and might often need to be oiled to make it run smoother.
    • From where you have situated the fan you must make sure that there is nothing obstructing the fan and that if there is then move it.  Or if you have a lot of electrical wires around then you shouldn’t keep them there, it is a hazard.

      How to Care for Floor Fans

      Many of us need some sort of invention to help our homes remain cool enough to be peaceful for us all; it is then when we need something to help us – many get fancy and over the top fans that cost too much and really do nothing to help us remain cool.  Going for overly expensive fans are going to be a problem because they may look nice but they don’t do a lot for our homes but if you think about getting a floor fan then it could be the best for you.  Now a floor fan doesn’t need to be expensive, they don’t need to look pretty either, they just need to do their job and keep a room cool.

      When we do get something like a floor fan then a lot of the time when we use it then we don’t think about how we are going to keep it clean and up with the maintenance.  The thing is that with a floor fan then they could need some attention to them to keep them up to scratch.  If you are thinking about getting a floor fan then you are going to need to keep it clean and tidy to make sure you can keep on using it; you are going to need to keep cleaning the fan quite often to make sure it is up to standards.  You don’t need to spend hours on trying to clean it, you just have to make sure the motor hasn’t been damaged either because if it is in a bad condition then you are going to have to replace the fan more than you would want to.  Thus you are going to save hundreds.

      Floor Fans How to Care for Floor Fans

      Cleaning Fan Blades

      Now this step is the quite important one; you are going to need to make sure that your blades of the actual fan are cleaned often because you won’t put more strain onto the motor and the blades are going to work in perfect order.  This doesn’t need to be a long process however; you can just get a long feather duster and start to take off the top layer of dirt and dust from the blades.  Or if you have a vac at hand then you could clean up the dirt from the blades also.

      You can get a can of anti-static polish and use an old rag and jut remove the dirt from the blades that way and it is going to keep away any dirt from building up again on the blades.  This is great to do so that you don’t have to replace your fan every few months.


      Now for your motor, it should be checked regularly – not every week of course but around at the end of the month or second month.  You should know that your fan belt is the important part of the floor fan; you don’t want any sort of corrosion present on the motor and it should be avoided if you have kept up your maintenance.  If there is any damage to your motor in any way then you are going to be needing more energy meaning costing you more so keeping the motor running fine as well as you should try to replace the belt of the fan when you start seeing any problems with the fan.

      You need to make sure that the motor is not going to be effected by condensation; the rusting process might bring it on quicker.  If you do see any signs that there is any rusting then you should get the parts replaced – whether by the manufacturers or replacing them yourself.  Don’t go out and buy a completely new fan because most of it is probably in working order just one or two minor parts need to be replaced.  That is why you should be trying to keep your floor fan clean and tidy so avoiding any possible damage to it.

      How to Add Window Screening to an Evaporative Air Cooler

      Many of us have an evaporative air cooler system in our homes; they are a great alternative from air conditioning; they are great to have around your home but sometimes you should have a window screen so that you can get the right amount of air coming into your home.  It could be that you could save yourself some money as the temperature of the room can be turned to your perfect setting.  You are also going to be saving energy that you don’t need to use.

      If you do add a window screen to your evaporative air cooler is a great thing that you could ask but it can be simple also so you don’t need to worry about having to put a lot of money or time into making one of these screens.

      Evaporative Air Cooler How to Add Window Screening to an Evaporative Air Cooler

      What you are going to need;

      • Measuring tape
      • Screwdriver
      • Screws
      • Wood
      • Saw
      • Caulk
      • Mesh
      • Your first step;

        Measuring your window.  Now before you even think about making a screen you are going to have to know the size in which you are going to need the screen to be; you are going to have to measure.  You take your tape and start to measure the area of the window but remember to note the area down; try to do this a few times so you don’t make a mistake.  You are going to need to create your frame so that it is going to fit the window perfectly.

        • Your Second Step;

        You are going to have to construct the actual frame.  You are going to need a long piece of wood and cut it into the same length vertically and horizontally but you are going to need two of each length so if you measured out thirty inches by fifteen then you are going to have to measure and cut out two thirty inches of wood and then fifteen inches of wood.  Sometimes you are going to need more than one piece of wood but they are easy to pick up though.

        When you cut the wood try to make it a little bigger and place them up to the window and make sure you can fit them into the frame of the window until they are tight enough.  Take all of your wood and affix them together; you could do this by screwing them into place that would be the easier option.

        • Your third Step;

        You are going to have to cut the mesh once you have constructed the frame together.  You should make sure that the mesh is going to be big enough so that it is going to cover the frame.  You should measure it out and make it a little bigger just in case before you cut; place the mesh over the frame and then cut the amount of the mesh you are going to need.  You want the mesh to be a great fitting for your evaporative air cooler.

        Take your mesh tool and then place the mesh into the frame and make sure it stays there by using screws.

        Evaporative Air Cooler 1 How to Add Window Screening to an Evaporative Air Cooler

        • Your fourth Step;

        You are going to need to fit the frame; this is simple, pick up your frame and push it right into the window frame as much as you can and then put the mesh over your evaporative air cooler.  You can put it into the frame by using some screws to securely place it; take your caulk and outline all around the edge of the screen.

        • Your fifth and last step;

        Your screen for the evaporative air cooler should be easy to do; you take the previous steps but taking the lengths shorter than before.  You should take the length of the air cooler and work from that.  It could mean that you don’t get any cold air or drafts into your home.

        How to Wire an Extractor Fan

        When it comes to trying to wire your extractor fan up then it can be that many people don’t really like to try to wire things up if they are not comfortable to deal with electrical wires.  It is something that you can do yourself without a lot of problems.

        When it comes to wiring your extractor fan then it can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing but it can be easy once you understand how you can do this process simply and without any problems.  You are going to have to think about taking your time while wiring your extractor fan.

        Wire Extractor Fan How to Wire an Extractor Fan

        What you are going to need;

        • Some plaster
        • Electrical screwdriver
        • Circuit breaker
        • Chisel
        • Circuit tester
        • Electrical wire

        You have to first think of the safety measures so you need to find where all the power comes from in your home and switch it off from there and then you can start to work with electricity.  You don’t want any nasty shocks so be careful with your electricity supply when working with your wiring procedures.

        You are going to have to being routing your cable; you are going to have to locate an AC power supply unit so you might already have one of these power supplies there.  You might not have one of these however so you are going to have to make one so get yourself a chisel and find your socket in your wall.

        Now that you have got yourself a channel for your cable to now be able to be put through; you could get a shielding protector so that your cable is properly secured and undamaged.

        Now you have to fill the channel in; so get some plaster to fill in the channel but you need this level with your wall so there are no lumps or bumps in your wall.  You should be careful when you do this however so that you can paint your wall and will have no problems.

        What you now have to do will be connecting the fan up; you need to take the ends of your wires and strip the end of them so that you can put them into the fan terminal ports and keep them in place.  You are going to have to put each color wire to the right terminal so that you can put the neutral wire to the neutral port and the live with the live.

        You should always make sure that you have the right wires in the right terminals however.

        You now need to connect your switch; you are going to have to wire you fan to your switch; this is because you want to control your unit so if you do this through a switch it will be easier to work with.  It may also be that the wiring could be different as to how you can wire your unit.

        You are going to have to connect all of the power to your fan to the fuse board in your home; most of the time it will be that the unit has a circuit breaker which comes with them so that shouldn’t be a problem but sometimes it might not so you will need to go to your fuse board and connect to there..

        You are going to have to make sure all of the wires have been connect correctly however.

        Now all of the hard part is over, you are going to have to test you unit out; so make sure that everything has been connected properly before you can restore the power and test out the fan.

        How to Wire an Electronic Air Cleaner

        When you want to clean the air in your home then you should think about getting an electronic air cleaner in so that the air remains cleaner and your home is less stuffer also.  If you live in an area which has high humidity or are prone to getting more pollutants then these could help you reduce the risk of you having a few medical problems.

        When you get an electronic air cleaner then you will be able to wire this into your heating system in your home or your air condition systems also which mean that these systems will continue to work properly.

        Electronic Air Cleaner How to Wire an Electronic Air Cleaner

        If you have a HVAC system in your home then it will be then when you purchase an electronic air cleaner.  Now you are going to have to think about how you want to wire the cleaner in; you could go for a professional of course to do this or if you want to try yourself then you could try also.  As long as you know a little about wiring then you should be OK but always consult an electrician also if you are a little unsure about anything however.

        Here is how you can do this safely.

        What you are going to need;

        • Electrician tape
        • Screwdriver
        • Pliers
        • Electronic air cleaner

        Your first step will be to start by choosing your electronic air cleaner; so you are going to have to figure out which type of system that you are going to put in.  You should think about the type of system that is going to be right in your home because most of the times you are going to want to wire this into your air conditioning system.

        You are going to have to take off your panel on your HVAC system firstly; you should think about putting your cleaner somewhere close to your HVAC system and then take off the panel which conceals your wires to the unit.  Before you remove the panel, make sure that all of the power is off to your unit so that you can continue with the wiring process.

        You are going to have to think which wires are for your HVAC system so that you can correctly wires your units properly.

        Your next step will be to start wiring your air cleaner up; so get your manual and instructions so that you can start to wire your units up.  You should get your wiring done so that your air cleaner runs automatically when you have your heating systems working.

        Electronic Air Cleaner 1 How to Wire an Electronic Air Cleaner

        If you are a little unsure about any of these wires then you should think about contacting a qualified electrician.

        Now you are just going to have to replace your panel back over your wires and then switch the power back on.  You have now connected your wires up to your HVAC system and then you can start putting your system to the test.

        You should think about testing the system out so that you can be sure that the system is working perfectly.

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