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How to Clean Your House Like A Pro – With Only One Tool

You don’t need to trek all over your house toting around a toolbox of cleaning supplies to get your house looking like new. You can accomplish all your cleaning goals with just one simple tool – the Magic Eraser.

A lot of household cleaning products claim to be the answer to your prayers, and when Mr.Clean says this eraser is magic, he means it. You can get the Magic Eraser at most grocery stores, and they come in different sizes depending on your needs. You can also get online to search locations where you can buy the Magic Eraser. To find an Internet service that can help you search, click here!

Take a look at some of the uses you can get out of the Magic Eraser.

magic erasers clean stains How to Clean Your House Like A Pro – With Only One Tool


  • Get rid of those unpleasant food stains inside plastic Tupperware containers.
  • Remove dirt or even fingerprints on cabinets.
  • Finally get rid of those cooked-on stains in your pots and pans.
  • Clean the inside of your crockpot.
  • Remove sticky residue from countertops.
  • Clean any buildup on your toaster.


  • Use on bathroom mirrors to keep them from fogging.
  • Remove grime and buildup on faucets and bathroom fixtures.
  • Use hairspray? Use the Magic Eraser to remove hairspray residue on countertops.
  • Clean tile (and grout).
  • Eliminate soap scum.
  • Remove those stains from the underside of the toilet seat.


  • Have algae growing on your sidewalk? Birdbath? Steps? Use the Magic Eraser to get rid of it all.
  • Get rid of mildew on your gutters.
  • Brighten up the siding of your house that has been plagued by grime buildup.
  • Help to remove paint scratches on your (from a minor accident, etc.).

Just for fun

  • Remove nail polish spills/stains.
  • Clean your tennis shoes – everything from grass stains to dirt.
  • Baseboards getting roughed up? Get rid of marks from the vacuum or from shoes with a  few quick swipes.
  • Remove the residue left by stickers.
  • Use on door hinges that are stained by paint.
  • Have a plastic cooler that has seen better days? Get the inside of your cooler looking like new with the Magic Eraser.
  • Clean your blinds and window screens.

What makes the Magic Eraser even more magical is that it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. All you have to do is run the eraser under water – then its magic is activated. Then simply swipe the Magic Eraser over surfaces, fixtures, baseboards, floors and anything else that needs to be spruced up.

How to Clean Dryer Vents

If you have a dryer vent then you are going to know that you should be continually cleaning them to make sure that you prevent the possible result of a fire breaking out.  With dryer vents they can be a little bit risky at times, because if they are not cleaned properly then you could be helping the cause of a fire starting.  You might think that you cannot be bothered to clean out the vents but it is something which could actually save your home and family in the long run.

To clean out the dryer vents it is a simple process and one which is not going to be taking a long time for you to do so don’t think that a few minutes each week is going to be a daunting process because it could save you at the end of the day.

If you want to stop a dryer fire from happening then you should try to follow a few of these steps so that you can clean your dryer vents and keep you safe.

Clean Dryer Vents How to Clean Dryer Vents

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Vent clamp
  • Wire hanger
  • Vent cover

    Step 1 – Prepare Your Dryer for the Cleaning

    The first step is the easiest step to do; locate your fuse box and remove the circuits from the fuse box this will help prevent you getting any nasty shocks.

    Step 2 – Remove Your Vent

    You will need a screwdriver to help remove the dryer vent clamps; remaining these clamps will mean that you can remove the hose that is in the dryer.  The hose for the dryer vent will be located at the back of your dryer but it is quite easy to find.

    In the vent hose there will be a lot of lint, this is the most common problem that you will find with dryer vents; you will get more lint than anything else.  It is very important that you remove the lint from the vent and hose because it could mean that you get a lot of problems when it comes to working the vent.

    Step 3 – Clean Your Vent Tube

    You will have to locate your vent tube from outside your home, and once you do you will have to clean out the tube and the vent itself.  There will be a lot of lint that has been building up in your vent tubing however so you are going to have to take a lot of time to try to remove all of the lint from the vent; if you cannot get everything out then you could use an old coat and wire hanger and pry out any remaining lint in the tubing.

    You will then put the vent tube back into its place.

    Step 4 – Apply Your Finishing Touches

    Now that your vent tube has been cleaned then you can just put everything back into its original place again; you need to put the tube back into its place and put the vent cover back into place once more.

    You are going to have to run a test on the vent; this is too make sure that your vent is working properly and it is just good to do this to get any remaining dirt from the vent.  It is always wise to get the quality of your vent checked out even if it is a few times a year’s you need to know that the dryer vents are still in perfect working order.  It is also wise to keep checking the vent yourself and cleaning it out every week or at the end of every month; it could be wise to do so every week because these are dangerous somewhat so checking up on them regularly could be a wise decision.

    How to Clean an Ultrasonic Humidifier

    A lot of us are going to have different methods of keeping our homes conditioned as well as humidified now that doesn’t mean to say that you will need to go out and buy all sorts of fancy and expensive systems.  You can just get one simple one and many today are turning to something called the ultrasonic humidifier; now this can really help a home.

    If you don’t use the humidifier correctly then you are only going to get spray of minerals back into your room so you want to make sure that you are using it correctly and that it is in perfect working order.  If your ultrasonic humidifier is not cleaned properly then bacteria can be spread back into the air and the room meaning that you could find yourself prone to get anything like mould or even mildew forming because of your ultrasonic humidifier if not cleaned properly.

    Ultrasonic Humidifier How to Clean an Ultrasonic Humidifier

    If you want to know a few ways to help keep your ultrasonic humidifier tidy and clean and want to make it run smoothly then follow these few rules to help you.

    Use Distilled Water in Your Ultrasonic Humidifier

    You should know that any tap water could have minerals present in it meaning that the ultrasonic humidifier could be spreading these minerals all across your room and house which is something you don’t want of course.  If this does happen then you are going to more than likely see little powdery and white almost like dust that tries to settle on everything it sees.  That is something that you don’t want to have because it could take a long time to clean and is just a long process that you don’t want to have to keep on doing every day.

    However, if you use water which has been distilled then that could help stop this process from happening.  By the water being distilled then it has gone under a very specific and special process which has been created to help take away the minerals from the water meaning you are going to be less likely to get dust spreading across your home.

    Empty the Water and Clean Everyday

    You really should be using clean water every day so that you are using fresh water in your refilling of the ultrasonic humidifier.  If you keep on continuingly use the same water every day without changing it then you could find there are going to be a lot of bacteria growing in the humidifier.  That is why you are really should be trying to change your water every day so you don’t get any bacteria growing in the humidifier.

    You should try to keep on wiping clean the ultrasonic humidifier every week or so with something like a disinfectant so that if there is any bacteria then it is going to be destroyed and not harm your air or the room.

    Clean the Base and Tank with White Vinegar

    It is wise if you should clean your base and tank with something like white vinegar; you should even leave the mixture there for around half an hour and then remove it and wash it properly once more so that you get all the vinegar removed.

    It is easy to clean your ultrasonic humidifier and now you know how then go out and try it yourself, you might find this has helped you a lot and probably save you money.

    How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

    If you have an oscillating fan then they can be great but they can also be a right pain; they could be a little noisy and if so then they can get right on your nerves.  If you follow these instructions then you could find it a little easier for you to clean out your oscillating fan with ease and as well as staying safe.

    If you want to clean out your oscillating fan then try to do so regularly, once you get the hang of it then it will become second nature to you so try cleaning out every month or few weeks to help keep the maintenance up.  You don’t want to have to replace the fan every few weeks or months because it will end up costing you a lot of money and in the end your patience will run out

    Oscillating Fan1 How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

    What You Will Need

    • Hot water
    • Cleaner
    • Screwdriver
    • Cloth

      Step 1 - Disassemble

      You should firstly try to disassemble the parts of the oscillating fan; if you have no experience in taking apart electrical things then don’t worry we all have to start something.  To clean the fan you should remember to turn off all power in your home or certainly to your oscillating fan because you don’t want to have an accident and give yourself an injury.

      Once you have got all of the power off for the oscillating fan then you can start off by cleaning the outer part of the fan, the grille first.  It’s usually screwed into place so you will need to simply unscrew them and remove the grille.  Now once you have removed it you are going to be able to wash that, you could really give this a good wash if you were to soak this for a good ten or so minutes.

      You are going to be able to see your blades; now you can take them out – usually one piece – they will be attached by one screw which you will remove and you are going to be able to clean the blades one by one.

      Step 2 – Cleaning and Drying

      When it comes to the cleaning part of the oscillating fan then you are going to have to get some hot soapy water and a cloth and clean as much dirt off your blades as possible.  Go over each one carefully because you might find that some of the dirt is stubborn and won’t move but don’t worry after a lot of elbow grease then you should be able to get the dirt removed.  You are also going to need to scrub the grille of the fan also; this might be some work but you’ll get there in the end.

      You are going to have to make sure that there are no water anywhere near the electrical components of the fan because you might end up short circuiting the fan meaning it won’t work again.  Clean the inside of the fan with a cloth but no water at all otherwise you might end up damaging the fan.

      You will need to wash all of the parts and leave them to dry off for around thirty or so minutes; then when they have dried off you will have to put all of the parts back into the fan.

      The last part will be to try to test the fan out so that the parts are all back in right working order and is working properly also.

      How to Clean an Extractor Fan Vent/Duct

      If you do find that you have a extractor fan vent or duct in your home usually found in your kitchen, then you might have noticed that is will usually get more clogged up with the debris inside.  This is usually the grease in your kitchen produced when you are cooking; but if you are worried when it comes to cleaning the extractor fan duct or vent then don’t, cleaning this can be actually quite easy to do once you know how to.

      Cleaning out your extractor fan is something that is going to be great to help extend the life of your fan.  You are going to need all of the equipment to help clean out your extractor fans; doing this won’t take all day, in fact an hour or two is all that is needed.

      Extractor Fan Vent How to Clean an Extractor Fan Vent/Duct

      Tools and Materials Needed

      • Soapy Water
      • Polish
      • Cloth
      • Sponge
      • Vacuum

        Step 1 – Unscrewing the Extractor Fan

        You can start by taking out all of the screws to the extractor fan and remove it from the wall; you should be able to take the housing off the wall when you have unscrewed all of the screws keeping the fan attached to the wall.  Then you can get to the actual vent or duct; it could be something just as simple as a vacuum to clean your fan out or if you want to use a cloth then you could also.

        When you re deconstructing the fan then make sure that all of the parts are kept in a safe place so that when you want to put them back in then you are not going to miss a piece out or lose them.

        Step 2 – Cleaning the Vent

        To clean you vent then you are going to have to use some hot water combined with some soap and a bit of elbow grease.  If you can remove the fan from the extractor wall unit then that is great because you will be able to clean it better but a lot don’t so you are going to have to use water and your soap but a little amount on the vent itself.

        Step 3 – Scrubbing

        Now you are going to have to scrub your heart out to get rid of all of the dirt and grime on your vent; you are going to need hot water and of course some sort of cleaner – getting something which is great for taking tough stains out would be best.  Try to work on the parts which are really bad and are in need of plenty of cleaning.

        To get rid of all of the tough stains then you should try to wash the extractor fan a few times just to make sure that you have got all of the dirt away; a lot of the times getting rid of the dirt can be quite tricky however.

        Step 4 – Cleaning Outside

        To clean the outside of the vent, then you can do what you did before, it is that easy; the only thing that is a little different is that you can take your vent from the wall.  You will need to unscrew the fixtures and then you can wash the vent in hot soapy water and if you do this right then you could have your vent looking brand new again.

        Before you think about reattaching the vent then make sure everything is completely dry.

        Step 5 – Fixing the Vent

        Your vent can be  reattached back to your wall again but don’t worry this is the very easy part you will follow the guide to where you had the vent originally and affix it by using the holes in the wall from where the vent used to go.

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