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How to Buy a Motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle can be an exciting thing to do, but this only happens when you know how to choose the right one. There are many things you will have to consider before selecting one, the best way to do this  in the first place, is to keep in mind why you need the motorcycle. Whether you go for a new or used motorcycle is your choice, but just like many other items, there are factors you will use to select the right motorcycle.

Use of the motorcycle

How you intend to use the motorcycle will determine the type you go for since the various types are meant for different purposes. You have a wide selection of motorcycles to choose from and these include the standard bikes, touring bikes, cruisers, sport bikes, dual-purpose and motocross bikes. Your needs will tell you which one is right to buy.

Motorcycle How to Buy a Motorcycle

Riding experience

When you want to buy a motorcycle, you should also consider your level of experience in riding. This is because you need to get a motorcycle that you can handle, for instance, you can’t go for a heavy or very fast motorcycle when you are just an inexperienced rider. There are motorcycles types that are good for people like you, like the standard motorcycles. Motorcycles come with different power capabilities which are measured in cc and you can choose this according to how good you are.

Cost of the motorcycle

It is always good to compare the price with what you will be getting in terms of the features of the motorcycle. Once you have decided on the type of motorcycle you want, you can now set out to look for a place you can get something of quality and at a price you can afford. Apart from the price of buying it, other costs involved include state registration fee, license plate fee, title fee and insurance.

Where to buy

You can buy a motorcycle from a private seller or dealer, your choice will be dependent on several things.

  • Financing. When you get it from a dealer, you may benefit from several buying options in which case you may pay cash or through monthly payments. With a private seller, you will need to pay cash for it.
  • Price. When you buy it from a dealer, it might be a bit  expensive especially when you make monthly payments due to the interest rates.

Body type of motorcycle

Motorcycles come with different weight and height features hence when you are buying one make sure you are going to be comfortable riding on it. A test drive would help to determine whether the motorcycle is too high or too low for you. If you are having difficulty getting onto the motorcycle, then it might just be too tall for you.

Checking out the motorcycle

When you find the right motorcycle you want to buy, you can test it out to ensure everything is in good working condition especially if it is a used motorcycle. Some of the things to check are the handle bars, levers and pedals, forks, suspension, exhaust frames and the electrics. You can also have a test ride which will help you identify anything bad with the motorcycle that you may not desire.

How to Change Brake Pads

How to change your brake pads is one of the do-it-yourself jobs that you can easily accomplish. The first thing you need to is to familiarize yourself with the braking system of your car. The brakes are one of the important parts of the vehicle, so take extra time to study the area keenly. You might decide to change one part at a time so that you can use the other as a reference in case you are stuck.  This article focuses on how to change brake pads of the front part of the vehicle since they are the ones that provide most of the stopping power.

To begin with, you will need to go to the local car hardware store to purchase a set of brake pads. Make sure that they come with an anti squeal device or you can get some fluid to add to the back of the brake pads.  Choose your brake pads well, the cheap ones will wear off quickly and leave unsightly black soot on your front wheels. The more expensive ones will last longer and leave less dust, but if they are harder, they are more prone to squealing.

Brake Pads How to Change Brake Pads

Follow the following procedure when changing your brake pads

l  Set the car hand brake to parking and block the rear tires with a stone or something that will keep it from sleeping.

l  Loosen the nuts on the wheels.

Raise the vehicle using a jack and securely place it on jack stands

Remove the nuts on the wheels and take out the wheel

You can now see the brake calipers holding the brake pads in position against the rotor. You will see two brake pads that squeeze on the rotor.

Using a C-clamp compress the calipers to the housing in order to remove the caliper assembly and create a greater width for the new brake pads.

Unscrew the caliper mounting bolts and pull the caliper back from the rotor carefully ensuring that you do not break the hose.

Remove the brake pads and examine them. Are the brake pads wearing off evenly or is it one pad? Are they wearing off from an angle? These are questions that can help you notice problems that need to be addressed concerning your braking system.

Next examine the rotors, check whether they have deep grooves or if the cars shudders when you hit the brakes. In this case, they will need to be professionally checked or replaced.

Depress the calipers out completely to give you room to place the new brake pads. Normally it is better you place the inner pad first before the outer one.

After you have placed the brake pads correctly in place, return the calipers and bolt them firmly into position.

Once everything is correctly done, replace the wheel and screw the bolts with your hands. Lower the jack and then tighten the wheel in a star pattern so that they are evenly tightened.

How to Check Your Car’s Oil Level

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure that your car engine lasts long is to check the oil level. The oil is what keeps your car running and without it you will not be able to drive even for 3 miles.  Most garages will check your oil at no extra charge or at minimal cost but you can also do it yourself on a regular basis. You do not have to worry because it is actually very easy to check the oil level in your car. Here are the steps you can follow when doing this.

What you will need

  • An old rag or some newspaper pieces.
  • Engine oil.
  • Funnel.

Check car oil How to Check Your Car’s Oil Level


1. Before checking the oil, move your car to a surface that is level so that the oil remains level enough so that you get an accurate reading on the dip stick.

Open the bonnet using the release catch under the dashboard on the passengers or driver’s side or squeeze the latch below the bonnet.

2. Warm your engine and then let it cool for 20 to 30 minutes so that the oil seeps back in the sump. This will ensure that the reading you get is more accurate. Remember to be careful because the components of the engine will be hot for a few more hours.

3. The next step is to find the dip stick which is a long bit of metal that sticks out of the car engine. It usually has a loop on its end and can be red or yellow in color. Some of them are labeled OIL and are at the front part of the engine.

4. Once you find the dipstick, put your finger through the loop and pull it out. Note the place you removed it from so that you can return it especially if it is your first time. Clean the dipstick with the rag or newspaper pieces to remove all the oil traces.

5. Once it is clean, put it back in the hole you removed it from.

6. Pull the dipstick out while making sure that it does not touch the engine or tube because this will affect the reading. Look at the top of the stick and on the edge, you will notice two lines which represent the maximum and minimum points. The ideal oil level should be between the two lines. If it is higher, this is not a problem as long as it does not rise above the maximum line. You will need to add some oil if the level is slightly lower. The dipstick should be put back in before you add the oil. Make sure you do not overfill the engine because it can get messy.

Some tips

If your car has been driven, leave it for about an hour for the engine and other parts to cool off before you check the oil level to avoid the risk of injury.

Checking your car’s oil level is not difficult. Just follow these easy steps.

How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance

A car is a very valuable asset which though very helpful, is very much prone to wear and tear as well as accidents. Getting car insurance is one of the best ways to be assured that in case of unfavorable occurrence; the owner will not loose his entire possession. Car owners should take time to find the cheapest car insurance with a company that has a record of paying up claims on time.

There are channels that can be used to secure car insurance. One is through an insurance agency that works for a principal insurance company. Another option is directly through an insurance company. The bottom-line in ensuring that you get a good deal as pertains insurance is to be resourceful and shrewd. Always ask questions when in doubt and don’t settle for a policy until you understand each and every detail.

Car Insurance How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance

Finding the cheapest car insurance through an agent

Insurance agents work for an insurance company and their pay is usually on commission basis, thus they will use all the appealing words just to get someone signing up with them. So make sure that you clearly outline your preference rate and coverage. Here are some practical tips that can help find the cheapest car insurance through an agent.

  • Inquire on collision ratings:  insurance companies usually offer varying rates per covered area and it’s therefore important to ask your agent to collect the collision liability coverage rates. These collisions cover the damage and the legal and medical expenses incurred.
  • Look out for discounts: you can only find the cheapest car insurance if you take note of any discounts on offer especially the claims-free discounts.
  • Find out about the company rating: this will help to know if the company is financially sound and subsequently if it pays claims promptly.
  • Visit the company premises: the location and the general outlook of the premises will give you an idea on their service delivery capabilities.

Getting cheapest car insurance when dealing directly with the company

When dealing directly with an insurance company, you need to do extensive research to help you find the cheapest car insurance. The best source of information is the internet as it offers a number of companies to choose from.  Various websites also contain customer reviews that will help determine the quality of services delivered by the different companies. Factors to look out for include:

  • Ensure that the company has an AAA rating which means that it’s financially stable.
  • Consider a number of companies before making your decision. Settle for the best 3 to 5 companies that best match your preferences. Then compare their other aspects such as rates and time taken before settling claims then narrow down to the best among them. It’s also important to compare the rates offered with the average industry ratings.
  • Find out about their liability coverage. Make sure that their coverage is comprehensive enough to cater for those injured while using the car.

Additional tips

Due to the high number of insurance companies, it may be hard to single out the best or find the cheapest car insurance. That is why it’s important to have an already set criterion for what you are looking for before searching for insurance cover.

How Hybrid Cars Work

A hybrid is a type of car which has two types of motors which provide power to the wheels by synchronization. One of the most popular combinations is where the electric motor helps the gasoline engine. This way the gasoline reserves fuel by periodically shutting off.

There are two usual categories that hybrid cars are subdivided into. One category is where only use of the electric motor, at low speeds, propels the car. When more power is required, the electric motor has the ability to assist the engine. Even while passing on a steep road or climbing, the electric motor helps out the gasoline one. This initial category is where the Ford Escape and the Toyota Prius Hybrid fall in.

how hybrid cars work How Hybrid Cars Work

The second kind needs more horsepower so that its gas engine can drive in rapid acceleration or while moving up hill. The excess power from the electric motor is utilized to assist the internal combustion engine. The Civic Hybrid and the Honda Insight are great examples of this second category. Some resemblances are seen in these two engines as well.

When the gasoline engine is assisted by the electric motor, both motors deplete power from the battery which gets simultaneously self-recharged from the gasoline engine. For this reason, a hybrid car doesn’t need to get plugged into a source of power to recharge the battery. In hybrid cars, this is the most important aspect.

Sealed nickel metal hydride batteries are usually utilized by hybrid cars. They are a technology largely used in the cell phones and laptops. Easy to make and cost effective, these batteries are more long lasting, making them ideal for higher valued cars.

More and more often, hybrid engineers have opted for unconventional designs that maximize the aerodynamics inside the engine. This is the reason for the slim structure. The sleek configuration makes the car almost slippery, giving the cars an original, ultra low drag coefficient. Since a vehicle requires less fuel to move as well as less power when it has less drag, carmakers strive to reduce this drag.

An on board computer system monitors the electrical system. When the vehicle coasts downhill and the breaks are applied, the system’s polarity is automatically reversed and the motor actually turns into a unit that generates energy. When the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy stores power into the battery, this is called regenerative.

In order to conserve the fuel reserve of the gasoline engine, most hybrid cars will shut it off during road signals. This is a phenomenon called idle stop characteristics. Other than emission reduction and fuel saving, electrical consumption is cut down during idle conditions. Getting assistance from the electric motor, the gasoline engine resumes work upon pressing the accelerator paddle. During this time the loss or delay in performance is silent and seamless and almost negligible.

Shot peeing is the term given to the special forging by which hybrid cars are manufactured. It increases efficiency and reduces friction in the sidewalls of the cylinder.

Easily termed as the next generation of cars, hybrids offer marginal and exceptional gas emissions, and an air of extraordinary technological advancement.

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